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Bombs Kill 27 In Capital Of Syria

Syria is once agan exploding with violence.

March 18, 2012– On Saturday, suicide bombers in Damascus detonated two car bombs. The cars were packed with explosives and were detonated almost simultaneously near buildings that house the government’s security and intelligence. The death toll was 27.

Of recent, there have been a number of bombings of large scale against the government. The government immediately blamed its opposition for the bombings, but the opposition denied any roles in the two car bombs, saying they could not carry out sophisticated attacks. U.S. officials have said after other similar attacks that they feel al Qaeda may be involved.

The bombs hit the criminal security and the air force buildings. The two are located a number of miles away from one another. A great deal of the intelligence building’s façade had been blown away.

People who live near the buildings said their windows had been blown out and they described the bomb as being similar to an earthquake. One of the blasts caused damage as far as 300 feet away.

The government of Syria has received criticism for its harsh punishment against its opposition. For nearly a year, the opposition has tried to push the regime from power. As of yet, they have not succeeded and the death toll continues to increase as they continue trying to gain control of the country.

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