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Bombs In Iraq Claim 30 Lives

April 20, 2012– On Thursday, ten cities in Iraq were hit with bombs, killing as many as 30 people and shattering what was a month of calm. Minority lawmakers condemned the violence as very tragic, yet inevitable due to the Shiite led government’s domination of Iraqi politics.

Even though sectarian tensions remain, the country has been relatively quiet from deadly attacks for nearly a month. That had led a number of people to believe the country had turned away from such violence. Now many realize that was overly optimistic due to the 14 bombs and various mortar shells that exploded over a three-hour period across 10 cities Thursday morning. Police said over 117 people had been wounded in the attacks.

Six bombs struck government offices and security forces, which are frequents targets of the insurgents. In just Baghdad, 12 people lost their lives, mainly in neighborhoods where Shiites live. Northern Iraq was hit with the other attacks. Samara, Kirkuk and Tikrit were all hit with bombs.

No one claimed responsibility immediately following the attack, but a military spokesman in Baghdad said the attacks resembled ones carried out by al-Qaeda. Kurdish and Sunni lawmakers said one reason the bombings likely took place was the political impasse that has gone on for months and paralyzed the government of Iraq since the withdrawal of the U.S. military at the end of 2011.

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