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Blake Stuns Bolt in Jamaica

Usain Bolt has been dethroned as the fastest man on the planet by Yohan Blake.

June 30, 2012– Usain Bolt is officially listed as the world’s fastest man, as the owner of the world record in the 100 meter dash. However, Friday night in Jamaica he was the second fastest runner. Yohan Blake, a fellow Jamaican, snatched victory from Bolt at the Jamaica Olympic trial. Blake stormed out of the starting blocks and won by 0.11 of a second over the world record holder.

How big of a shocker the victory is will not be determined for a while. Blake told reporters after the race that his 9.75 was an impressive finish. He said he won the world championships, the Olympic trials and the Jamaican National championship. It is true that Blake is the world champion, but Bolt did not race in the final because he had earlier been disqualified for two false starts.

The victory by Blake was his fastest time ever. Prior to his 9.75, he had never run faster than 9.82 and Bolt’s world record is 9.58. Blake’s 9.75 is this year’s fastest to date in the world and broke a four year record at the Jamaica National Stadium.

After the race, Bolt said that something was bothering him just prior to the race, but he could not pinpoint what it was. He said he got off to a bad start, as he did in the semifinals and could not make up the difference.

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