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Black Friday Has Great Television Deals

TCL P60, which is an LCD screen and can be purchased starting at $320.

November 22, 2012- Black Friday has turned into one of the most important days of the year for retailers across the U.S. Many retailers have even moved Black Friday up so it starts on Thanksgiving evening to increase their sales even more and start their holiday season one day early.

Customers line up outside local stores hours before the stores are to open hoping to get a chance to purchase those items they have on their holiday shopping list. Others sit at home waiting for the sale to begin on Internet so the rush of people pushing their way into a store as it opens does not bother them.

Regardless of your choice of methods, there are a number of door buster deals available that only take place once each year. Many stores offer exceptional prices on newer or more popular products, but many retailers also use the discount sales to move items out of stock that people might not have purchased otherwise.

Televisions today are much less expensive than they have ever been and very good large screen TVs are available for only $325 to $350 and not just during the famous Black Friday deals. One such television is the TCL P60, which is an LCD screen and can be purchased starting at $320.

The price is excellent and the television does not look cheap. If you want more, then spend a few dollars more and get the Samsung E450 plasma, which is 51 inches in size. You can get both a better quality picture and a bigger size for only a few dollars more.

The best value for a television less than $1,000 is the Panasonic UT50. The ST50 however, is a better television, but costs nearly $200 more than the UT50.

If the budget is even bigger and over $1,000 is available for a new television than the Panasonic ST50 is the best price in the market today. Much more expensive televisions are available, but the only difference you will get is a slightly better picture quality each time the price increases.

The Sharp Elite Pro has the best LCD picture of any television, but is a very poor value for the money, while the Panasonic VT50 is the best plasma television available on the market but also very expensive.

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