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Bird Will Not Be Back With Pacers

Hall of Famer Larry Bird is not returning to the Indiana Pacers as president.

June 26, 2012– Hall of Famer Larry Bird has said he will not return as the Indiana Pacers president. He said he was 100% certain he will not be back as the president of the club, a person close to the situation said on Monday. Bird, 55, is scheduled to meet with Herb Simon, the team owner, on Tuesday to finalize his time at Indiana.

His departure will end what has been an annual event of speculation as to whether he would return or not. Simon and Bird did not have a contract signed and worked only with a handshake since Bird did not want any long term commitments in writing.

Last month, at his last news conference, it sounded as if Bird had decided to return for another season. He said at the news conference that he wanted to speak to team owner Simon to see what he thought of their work and that he had questions about the team for next season.

Bird is dealing with health issues and that might have played a part in his decision to step down. He most likely will sit out a year and then decide if he wants another front office job. The decision by Bird to leave comes only days after Donnie Walsh, the team’s former CEO, is expected to make a return to the team in some capacity. There is a chance that Walsh may step into the vacant position left by Bird.

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