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Bee Gees Robin Gibb Undergoes Surgery

March 25, 2012– Just last month, Robin Gibb spoke of his spectacular recovery following a bout with cancer. However, according to a recent statement, the singer has undergone further surgery. British media received a statement that said the 62-year old singer had to cancel a number of commitments because of the surgery.

Gibb is the founding member of the famous group known as the Bee Gees. The statement said that Robin underwent additional intestinal surgery on March 25.

The statement continued by saying, “Gibb is now recovering in the hospital where he had surgery and at this time has cancelled all commitments he had prior to the Titanic Requiem Concert. Gibb’s Titanic Requiem is his first work with Robin-John his son and will be released to mark the luxury liner’s 100th anniversary of sinking on April 15, 1912.

On April 10, the work is scheduled to have its world premiere at Westminster’s Central Hall in London. Speculation over the health of Gibb has increased recently due to his frail and gaunt appearance. However, in February the singer said that the growth in his colon had almost disappeared and he felt fantastic.

Nothing has been released to say whether or not Gibb will be able to attend the premiere on April 10.

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