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Beckham to end Career at Galaxy

David Beckham announced on Monday that his last match for the Los Angeles Galaxy

November 20, 2012 – David Beckham announced on Monday that his last match for the Los Angeles Galaxy will be on December 1 in the MLS Cup Final. However, the Englishman insisted he was still not ready to stop playing yet.

The former England international had been linked with many clubs in Europe, South America and recently in Australia. His management team will look for another deal as his final Galaxy match is next week against the Houston Dynamo.

This will bring an end to Beckham’s tenure in Los Angeles and the U.S., although he wants to remain involved in some way with the league. He told reporters he enjoyed his career greatly in LA, but wants to take on one more challenge before hanging up his football (soccer) boots.

Beckham has helped to grow the league and made a huge impact in the Los Angeles area. Since joining the Galaxy from Real Madrid, Beckham has participated in three finals in the league and won on title.

The president of the owners of the Galaxy, Tim Leiweke said it does not happen often that one player redefines a sport, but Beckham took the franchise to the next level and took the sport to an even higher level. Leiweke said it was a privilege and honor to be associated with Beckham since he joined Galaxy.

Beckham has rejected the rumors that he wanted to end his career playing in Australia. His comments suggested he wanted to extend his great influence for the MLS away from just the Galaxy.

Nevertheless, a number of franchises from the A-League are hoping they can entice the former captain of England to play in Australia. Four teams have been linked with Beckham in Australia, as well as a club in Brazil, Scotland and other European countries.

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