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Batman Still Rises Despite Friday Shootings

The Dark Knight Rises is the new king of the box office.

July 23, 2012– The massacre at a movie theater in Colorado Friday dented some of the sales for the debut of The Dark Knight Rises, but not too much. The movie is the finale to the Batman trilogy by Christopher Nolan and earned over $162 million domestically during the first weekend of release.

The total was less than the figures predicted for the blockbuster that were at about $190 million prior to the tragedy in Colorado. The difference is an indication that some people either were not in the mood to see a violent Batman film or were worried about safety at their cinema following the movie massacre of last week.

Nevertheless, the highly anticipated film scored one of the best weekends for a debut ever at the box offices. The Avengers scored $207 million in its first weekend this past May and Harry Potter’s final movie took in over $169 million last summer in its debut.

On Sunday evening, Hollywood did not speak of the box office figures citing respect for the victims and their families of Friday’s midnight massacre in Colorado. A number of companies that provide the final numbers for the weekend box offices declined to report them, as well.

However, the money involved was too high to be completely ignored and officials from the studio provided them nonetheless. Part of the reason the movie maintained high sales volume was the number of advance ticket sales its distributor Warner Bros had.

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