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Bahrain Officials Call Blasts Terrorism

A series of different bomb blasts rocked Manama the capital city of the island nation of Bahrain

November 06, 2012- On Monday, a series of different bomb blasts, five in all, rocked Manama the capital city of the island nation of Bahrain. The bombs are a sign that certain factions in the opposition might by turning more towards violence after 21 months of unrest against the rulers of the Gulf nation who are supported by the West.

The alleged coordinated five explosions in the capital were described by government officials as terrorism. The five blasts come just a week after the government banned all gatherings for protest in an attempt to quell the unrest that is deepening throughout the country. The island nation is home to the U.S. Navy’s Fifth Fleet.

The clashes between the opposition and government forces have not eased. On Sunday, crowds outside three different police stations pelted the buildings with fire bombs. Since February of 2011, 55 people have been killed in the unrest, as the Shiites, the majority in the nation, press to get a better political voice in the nation that is ruled by the Sunni.

Officials have warned that crackdowns are possible against religious leaders from the Shiite. A spokesperson for the government said the bomb attacks were provoked by certain religious figures in the Shiites who will not stop inciting violence directed towards police and civilians.

Monday’s violence killed two men from Asia while a third foreigner was injured. One man was killed after he kicked a bomb that triggered an explosion. The other was killed from severe injuries suffered in another blast. Names or nationalities of the deceased were not released.

Like the other Gulf Arab nations, Bahrain has many expat workers from the South Asian community living and working in the country. The blasts were set up and went off during a five hour period in the capital.

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