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Attackers Charged With Murder in Gang Rape

On Saturday, police in India filed charges of murder against six men after the woman they are alleged to have gang-raped and then beaten on board a bus close to two weeks ago died at a hospital in Singapore.

A spokesperson for the police in New Delhi said the six men will face the death penalty if found guilty. The case has drawn worldwide attention to the problem of rape in India and triggered huge protests across the entire country. Protestors are calling for increased protection from sexual violence for women and raised many questions about the police’s attitude towards sexual crimes.

Manmohan Singh the Prime Minister of India said he was very aware of the amount of emotion that has been stirred by the attack and said all Indians were responsible for ensuring that the death of the young woman was not in vain.

Officials from Singapore’s Mount Elizabeth Hospital said the young woman died peacefully on Saturday morning with her family members and officials from the India Embassy at her side.

The woman was taken to Singapore after spending 10 days in a hospital in New Delhi. The woman was in critical condition when she arrived and late Friday her condition worsened.

The woman, along with a male friend, whose identities have not been released, were on a bus in New Delhi when six men attacked them on December 16. The men beat her companion with an iron rod and then used the rod when they raped the woman. The rod was inserted inside the woman and caused multiple organs to be damaged. The men then stripped both of the victims before throwing them off the bus.

India’s population has been shocked and outraged by the attack and thousands have protested daily. On Saturday, as news of the woman’s death reached India, police were barricading off an area where the government seat is located in New Delhi in case of more protests.

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