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Armstrong Comes Clean on Doping Charges

Lance Armstrong

Armstrong Comes Clean on Doping Charges

January 18, 2013- Following years of complete public denial and numerous lawsuits, Lance Armstrong confessed openly to doping during an interview with Oprah Winfrey. The former cyclist admitted he used performance-enhancing drugs during his unprecedented seven victories in the Tour de France. However, some critics still say Armstrong has not come completely clean in his admissions.

During the past, Armstrong vehemently denied all the allegation of doping, even while under oath. He persecuted former teammates and close associates who were willing to speak out publically against him. Armstrong said in the interview that he had sued many people, people we all now know were telling the truth.

Armstrong admitted in the first of two installments of the interview, to using EPO the blood-enhancing hormone, cortisone, testosterone, human growth hormones, blood transfusions as well as other doping forms.

Armstrong has had his Tour de France titles taken away along with his bronze medal from the Olympics. He did not blame anyone but himself, as he was careful not to point the finger at anyone else.

He described himself as being arrogant and deeply flawed and said quite often that it was all his fault. Armstrong said he bullied people when he thought they might expose him.

One writer, David Coyle, who has authored a book about the Tour de France and doping, said Armstrong is not telling everything. He said the confession by Armstrong is only a partial one and believes that one day Armstrong may tell the rest of the story.

Coyle disagrees with Armstrong’s assertion that he did not push teammates into doping.

Armstrong said in the interview that doping was part of the occupation just as tire pumps and water bottle were. It was widespread, said Armstrong.

He told Winfrey he could not live up to the life of a cancer survivor turned hero and it all just fell apart.

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