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Arafat’s Remains will be exhumed says French

Arafat’s Remains will be exhumed says French

October 31, 2012- French criminal investigators will have the remains of Yasser Arafat exhumed sometime in November to attempt to find out the reason the Palestinian leader died, said an official from France.

The unnamed official said the French investigators would arrive between the 24th and 26th of November in Ramallah, a city on the West Bank. Palestinian authorities who said another investigative team from Switzerland would also arrive during the same time in Ramallah confirmed the timetable. Since the investigation is currently ongoing, all officials asked for anonymity.

However, a spokeswoman from the Institute of Radiation Physics in Switzerland, Darcy Christen, said no date had been set. The IRP is expected to carry out the autopsy for Swiss investigators.

The exhumation has been pushed due to circumstances that surrounded the death of Arafat in November of 2004. A lab in Switzerland recently found traces of polonium-201, on clothing that was said to be Arafat’s. Polonium-210 is a radioactive isotope that is deadly.

That discovery has revived the suspicions Arafat was poisoned. The original cause of death for Arafat was listed as a stroke, but it has never been determined would was the underlying source for his illness that took hold of him in the final weeks of his life.

The two investigative teams will conduct two parallel probes into the death of Arafat. They are acting separately on behalf of the Palestinian Authority and Suha, Arafat’s widow. The two had misgivings regarding the results of the other’s investigation. This past summer, Suha formally requested that the French conduct an investigation into her husband’s death.

Even though the Swiss and French are conducting separate investigation, both will visit Arafat’s grave at the same time and will be only allowed one time to draw samples.

In early October, officials from the Palestinian Authority said the exhumation of Arafat would be private.

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