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Apple Makes Good on Maps Problem in Australia

The Apple Maps app has 3-D flyovers, but it is often times incorrect with locations

December 11, 2012 – The Apple Maps app has 3-D flyovers, but it is often times incorrect with locations. Authorities in Australia have urged motorists to use any app besides Apple Maps to travel around the country’s Outback. The app has left a number of motorist stranded in the excessively hot desert, an error police have called an issue that is potentially life threatening.

Police in the town of Mildura, Victoria told reporters they had to rescue several motorists who became distressed that had been directed off the normal roadways and became lost in Murray-Sunset National Park. The town of Mildura on the app is approximately 43 miles from where it is actually located.

The mistake, police said, was grave and could potentially be deadly, as the location the app places the city, is in the “middle of nowhere.” In the park, there is no water and the temperature can rise to as high as 115°F (46°C).

The police department said there had been a minimum of four cases that had been documented. However, on Monday, Apple updated the map app and it appeared to have fixed the map even though Mildura had been left incorrectly on the map. However, directions on the app will send you correctly to the town center.

Some of the users who used the app to navigate were stranded up to 24 hours without any food or water. They had to walk for long distances under the hot sun through dangerous desert terrain to reach phone reception, said the Victoria police.

These incidents are perhaps the most criticized and most serious of the Apple Maps mess. The app was originally launched in September to coincide with the launch of iOS 6 and it replaced the previous Maps app that had been built by Goggle. Many have called the app worthless since they received locations that did not exist and landmarks were not found where the app said they would be.

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