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Apple Increasing Orders for iPad Displays

Apple orders surplus iPad displays

Apple orders surplus iPad displays

December 18, 2012 – Apple did not judge correctly how popular its new iPad Mini was going to be. Initially the company requested that its suppliers provide 6 million of the display panels for the 7.85 inch Mini. That original request figure has proven to be quite short as Apple has increased its order for display panels to 12 million to meet the much higher than expected demand of its smallest tablet.

Since the launch of the iPad Mini on November 2, it has been hard to find one to buy. Last week, the shipping times promised by Apple for the tablet were improved to just a week, when previously it had been two or three weeks before it would be shipped. At retail stores, the tablet is still hard to find, as some of them thought its popularity would not be as high as it turned out to be.

When the iPad Mini was unveiled in October, it received a great deal of criticism for the $329 price tag. It was criticized for being too expensive as it was a smaller tablet and because of the competition from the likes of the Google Nexus, ASUS, the Kindle and other companies. Many of those tablets that compete with the iPad Mini sell for as little as $199 or even less.

However, there exists a strong customer base who will only purchase products made by Apple and the iPad Mini was recently voted as one of the best consumer products in Japan for 2012.

Suppliers for the iPad Mini have to work even harder to produce the orders Apple is requesting. This year Apple has placed order of over 70 million display panels for the iPad, with 23 million set of the iPad 2 and another 47 million for the newest generation full sized iPad that was released during October the same day the iPad Mini was unveiled.

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