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Apple Executives Asked to Leave

Apple Executive

October 31, 2012 – Scott Forstall, a Senior Vice President at Apple was asked to resign on Monday following his refusal to sign a letter that apologized for the new mapping service’s shortcomings, said insiders in the company.

This was just the latest disagreement between Forstall, who was in charge of mobile software for Apple, and other company executives. However, this one has led to Apple’s most significant shake-up in management in recent memory and CEO Tim Cook’s biggest changes since he took over for the late Steve Jobs.

On Monday, Apple released a statement announcing Forstall’s departure. Also leaving the company was John Browett, the new chief of retail. People, who are close to the matter, said the Browett was also asked to resign.

The departure of Forstall came following increasing tension from members of the executive ranks at Apple. For many years, executives had complained Forstall had not been cooperative and exploited his close relationship with Jobs, the late co-founder of Apple.

Forstall, 43, recently said there was no one who made decisions since Jobs had died. He also recently had sent out to some of the members of the iOS software group at Apple an email that said he thought the group had not been working on big enough ideas for the mobile software.

However, the issue all came to a head with the maps fiasco. Forstall’s team was working to replace the previous maps that were Google Maps on the iPhone for a number of years. After the software was released in September to the public, users complained immediately about the inaccuracies of the maps and other problems.

Forstall insisted the crisis could be addressed without having to apologize, just as was done when Apple sent out faulty antennas on iPhones a couple of years ago. CEO Cook disagreed and signed the apology letter, but Forstall refused.

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