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Anger Attacks Increasing In Teens

Anger is on the rise with U.S. youth.

July 4, 2012- Close to two-thirds of teenagers in the U.S., admit they have had anger attacks that included threatening violence, engaging in violence or destroying property. One in 12 experience explosive disorder that is characterized by uncontrollable, chronic fits of rage.

Medical experts say the problem is enormous and professionals in the mental health field have not taken it seriously. The lead author of the study Ronald Kessler a psychiatric epidemiologist in Boston at the Harvard Medical School said it is clear from our study things must change.

Intermittent Explosive Disorder or IED is described as a mirror image to panic disorder. Without any good reason, people feel extremely fearful or angry and end up doing something very excessive. Its either flight or fight.

IED is in the American Psychiatric Diagnostic and Statistical Manuel, but what causes it or how to best treat it remains a mystery. IED is difficult for patients to handle and even more so for family and friends, as it comes out of known where to strike.

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