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Amount of Pot Smoking Amongst Adolescents is Leveling Off

Amount of Pot Smoking Amongst Adolescents is Leveling Off

Amount of Pot Smoking Amongst Adolescents is Leveling Off

December 20, 2012- A new report says that the use of marijuana among high school students in the U.S. had leveled off, which ended four years in which the level of smoking increased.

The report, funded by the government said that 36% of seniors in high school that were surveyed said they had tried marijuana on at least one occasion in the last 12 months. The amount of seniors who smoke pot on a daily basis increased to 6.5%, from last year’s 5.1%, said the survey.

Marijuana was still the most popular illicit drug for that age group, followed in second by synthetic marijuana, which is plant material loaded with chemicals that are supposed to mimic marijuana’s active ingredient.

The study said that 11% of seniors in high school said they had tried the synthetic marijuana in the past year, which is the same as last year’s survey. The majority of illegal drugs did not show any change in the amount used, with 17% of all seniors surveyed saying, they have tried an illegal drug other than marijuana.

While pot use was level, perception of the risk of the drug had dropped. The latest survey showed that 21% of seniors see the occasional use of marijuana as harmful, the lowest percentage regarding the drug’s risk since 1983.

In addition, the study looked at the drinking of alcohol at the high school level. It showed that 24% of seniors in high school took part in binge drinking two weeks prior to the survey, which was an increase of about 2% over the same question a year ago. For the survey, binge drinking was defined as drinking five drinks or more consecutively. Overall, the amount of alcohol drinking remained level.

Over 45,000 students attending 400 public schools completed the survey

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