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Amazon Joins Nokia for Map Services

Amazon Joins Nokia for Map Services

August 31, 2012- The largest retailer on the Internet in the world, Amazon.com, which says it Kindle Fire now represents 20% of the tablet sales in the U.S., has joined forces with Nokia on mapping. Amazon is nearing it release of a new generation of the Kindle Fire. Next week, the version will be available to purchase and it will have location capabilities, which require a GPS chip or WiFi triangulation, insiders said, on a condition of anonymity.

Mapping services have become very popular tablet features typically including street maps, traffic status and information on local businesses. The maps also are able to support navigation instructions and apps from third parties that need location information to operate, such different travel services.

The location capabilities mark the tablet and smartphone’s location. The Nexus 7 tablet from Google, which competes with the Kindle Fire directly, has a GPS receiver to support mapping and location functions.

The first of the Kindle Fires, which was released in 2011 cost $199 and was 50% the price of Apple’s entry-level iPad. Because of that, it quickly gained acceptance with consumers.

Analysts said the device, with its 7-inch display, helps the e-commerce retailer sell other products such as music and ebooks, which also helps to propel the retail growth of the company.

In Los Angeles next week, the retailer might even unveil a larger version of its Kindle Fire said analysts, which could then compete directly with Apple’s iPads.

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