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Airlines Worried About Gridlock on Easter in Britain

Due to security personnel cuts in England, there may be massive passenger delays over Easter.

April 5, 2012– Due to shortages of border staff, airlines in Britain are warning there could be gridlock at the major airports. British Airways and Virgin Airlines warned travelers and authorities that a huge problem could transpire over the Easter weekend.

The BATA or British Air Transport Association is worried about thousands of passengers traveling during the long weekend. Last year the Border Force in the U.K cut back on personnel after a decision was made to relax certain types of passport checks. However, those security controls have been reinstated and that caused concern for the airlines. They worry there will not be enough border forces during the peak hours over the weekend.

Over 370,000 passengers are predicted to leave the Heathrow Airport from Good Friday through Easter Monday. Another 200,000 will travel out of Gatwick, the second busiest London airport.

BAA, which operates Heathrow, said the waiting times to get through immigration at peak periods are too long. They are calling on the government to address the issue with urgency. Brian Moore, who heads up the Border Force, has insisted the border security will not be compromised. He said that disruption would be maintained at a minimum because we will use staff according to the demand at each airport.

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