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Airline Gets $130,000 Fine For Not Disclosing Fees

The U.S. Transportation Department has penalized Mexican carrier Volaris for not disclosing baggage fees.

June 23, 2012– On Friday, the Transportation Department fined Volaris, a Mexican airline, $130,000 for not informing its customers about baggage fees. DOT documents that were released said the airline violated its regulation starting in January when its advertised fares on its internet website without providing links to potential applicable fees for baggage on the same screen the ticket prices appeared. The airline said its omission was inadvertent and was due to difficulties the airline had, had in making online changes to the site.

This is the first time the DOT has used a fine in enforcing the new regulation that started in January. The regulation requires all airlines to clearly disclose the fees for baggage on the same screen that the first fare quote appears and that applies to all foreign carriers, when tickets are being sold within the U.S.

Volaris is Mexico’s third-largest airline. It has routes to over 20 Mexican cities and flights to Orlando, Chicago, Las Vegas and California.

Ray LaHood, the Secretary of the U.S. Department of Transportation said the rule for fees for baggage was made to ensure that customers had accurate and complete information about the total cost of booking a flight. The Secretary said the DOT would continue to fine carriers when they do not comply with the regulation.

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