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21 Jump Street Jumps To The Front

21 Jump Street is the king of the box office.


March 19, 2012- The debut of 21 Jump Street was a positive one, as the movie beat out all of its competition to take the weekend box office win. It easily outdistanced its competition in the race for first place. The film stars Channing Tatum and Jonah Hill as two police officers who go undercover at a high school. The movie earned $35 million on its debut weekend.

The movie was liked by both men and women, as both sexes equally said they enjoyed it. The younger audience favored it much more than the older audiences. Those under 25 rated it an A, while those over 50 only gave it a C-.

The movie is based loosely on the television series of the same name from the 1980s that starred Johnny Depp. Hill, who was nominated for best supporting actor in Moneyball, makes a return to comedy in the movie.

John Carter had another disappointing weekend as it took in just $13.5 million in its second weekend. Coming in second for the weekend was The Lorax, the Dr. Seuss movie that has had first place finishes the last two weeks. John Carter came in third place. Project X, in its third week of release was in fourth place and A Thousand Words came in fifth place in just its second weekend.

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