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Boston Marathon Bombing Puts City on High Alert Boston Marathon Bombing Puts City on High Alert

April 16, 2013 - On Tuesday morning, authorities were out in full force checking bags, combing through debris and flooding the streets with law enforcement investigators on the morning following the Boston Marathon bombing.

Law enforcement officials are rushing to determine who was responsible for setting off two bombs stuffed with shrapnel at the finish line of the Boston Marathon. The bombs killed three and injured 144 at last count.

Authorities visited an apartment building in Revere, a suburb of Boston, to interview two individuals and remove two trash bags and a duffel bag Monday night. Police also issued an alert for a rental van and one for a man seen walking hurriedly away near the bomb blasts.

The significance of all the police activity was still unknown less than 24 hours after two bombs left the area full of shattered glass, panicked spectators and sidewalks covered in blood.

Among those dead was Martin Richard an eight-year old boy who has been waiting near the finish line for his father to complete the race.

Early Tuesday morning 126 patients were still being treated in six different Boston hospitals. Hospital authorities said some patients had injuries that were limb threatening. On spokesperson said the youngest victim being treated was just 3 years of age.

Throughout the night, firefighters had to answer numerous bomb scares around what is now a very jittery city. SWAT officers were on patrol at nearby hotels. Late Monday night, police used water cannons to clear packages they considered suspicious near the bomb scene.

The bombs were detonated just prior to 3 p.m., while thousands of runners remained on the marathon course.

President Obama spoke from Washington vowing to bring justice to those responsible and pledged complete help from the federal government. Federal officials are treating the bombing as an act of terrorism but have yet to determine whether it was foreign or domestic.

Kolkata Market Fire Kills at least 19 Kolkata Market Fire Kills at least 19

February 27, 2013 - Kolkata’s Surya Sen Market was engulfed in flames from a massive fire on Wednesday that killed at least 19 people and injured over 50 people with serious burns. Officials warn that the death toll could increase.

Mamata Banerjee, the chief minister of West Bengal visited the site of the fire after fire fighters had doused the flames. Banerjee blames the incident on unplanned constructions in the area. The minister said the incident was tragic, and has requested a complete report of the incident from the fire department, police and the Municipal Corporation of Kolkata.

Fire fighters said the fire was first detected around 3:50 am at the market, when the victims were still sleeping inside the area. Shortly thereafter 26 fire engines arrived on the scene to bring the flames under control.

Thus far, 18 men and 1 woman have died with some sustaining severe burns, while others died due to smoke inhalation.

Javed Kahn, a fire service minister blamed the Left regime for today’s deadly fire, saying the market complex had been constructed while the Left ruled and it was illegal, unauthorized and did not follow fire safety norms. The minister said action would be taken against authorities from the market for not having fire safety measures in place.

The market consists of six floors with shops, offices and godowns (warehouses) on the first and second floors with the top four floors vacant because of a dispute over the property among the owners. The fire, according to some eyewitnesses, started on the ground floor of the complex.

The cause of the fire is unknown, but police officials believe it could have started due to a short circuit that might have created a spark.

The fire helped bring back memories of the December 2011 fire at the city’s AMRI Hospital that killed 93 patients at the hospital.


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