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France’s Top Gangster Makes Spectacular Escape from Prison France’s Top Gangster Makes Spectacular Escape from Prison

April 15, 2013 - One of the most dangerous gangsters in all of France, who is known for his brazen attacks on armored vehicles, blew his way out of prison after he had taken several hostages, said prison officials.

Redoine Faid was in prison and facing a possible long sentence over the death in 2010 of a French policewoman. On Saturday, Faid used explosives to blast his way through five doors at the prison to freedom in Sequedin a town in northern France.

Helicopters in the air and police on the ground were tracking the escapee, who set his getaway car ablaze just south of Lille prior to entering a second vehicle.

Officials said that Faid, the country’s most wanted person a couple of years ago was considered very dangerous and was armed with explosives and other weapons.

Interpol was contacted to help find Faid and France issued a warrant that was Europe wide for the apprehension of Faid. French authorities said the initial focus would be on Belgium since France shares a border with the country, but will extend to other countries as well.

Authorities said Faid was holding four hostages during his jailbreak. He released one just after escaping the prison and another about 350 feet later. The last two were then left along a stretch of highway.

Officials said that the jail in Sequedin was inadequate to house criminals such as Faid who are so dangerous. They claimed the hostage taking had been planned in a methodical fashion by Faid and complained that the search of detainees at the jail was not thorough.

Faid’s wife visited him early Saturday morning, but her lawyer denied vehemently that she was involved in any way in her husband’s escape.

Details of Murder Plot against Justin Bieber Emerge Details of Murder Plot against Justin Bieber Emerge

February 20, 2013 - Life got a bit scarier on Monday, as news of a murder plot put together by a prison inmate and two of his fugitive friends emerged, against Justin Bieber the popular singer. The plot made headlines back in December, and not details of the plan have emerged following the release of phone calls and audio that was made in November of last year from a New Mexico prison.

Police have said that Dana Martin, an inmate at the New Mexico correctional facility, who is in for rape and murder of a young girl, was the brains behind the murder plot.

Police said Martin directed Mark Staake a friend from prison and Tanner Ruane Staake’s nephew to carry out Bieber’s kidnapping and murder. In a taped conversation between Martin and Ruane, the nephew said they purchased the hedge clippers and he wanted $5,000 for each one. Each one was referring to each testicle, as the plan was to castrate Bieber along with his bodyguards and then suffocate all of them by tying a scarf around their necks.

However, prior to the plot being carried out, Staake and his nephew were arrested in Canada for making a wrong turn. The two of them and Martin are now facing conspiracy to commit murder charges and conspiracy to commit battery.

No one representing Bieber or the pop singer himself was available to make a comment. However, back in December when authorities first found out about the plot, Bieber’s representatives said they do all that is necessary to ensure Justin’s safety and that of his fans.

Kasab Execution Shrouded in Mystery Kasab Execution Shrouded in Mystery

November 21, 2012 - The execution of Ajmal Kasab, the Pakistani terrorist was under taken behind a veil of secrecy on Wednesday. The hangman was not even aware of the identity of the terrorist until the last minute.

Kasab has been held at the Arthur Road prison since he was first arrested following the horrific terror attack in Mumbai in 2008. He was quickly taken from his cell, which is always closely guarded, in the dark of night between November 18 and 19, said a senior official from the police.

Escorting Kasab were senior prison officials, Quick Response Team commandos and officials from ITBP, who have guarded the Pakistani terrorist since November of 2008 when he was first arrested. The group of people along with Kasab arrived at the Yerwada Jail in Pune in the early morning hours of November 19. Only two people in the Yerwada Jail were aware of the identity of the prisoner.

Authorities at the jail were just told a high profile prisoner was arriving at the jail. Kasab was then put into a cell that was isolated and guarded 24 hours per day by ITBP officials.

The hangman did not know of the identity until the very last minute, said officials. An unidentified official said that the hangman was told he was going to carry out the death penalty against a terrorist. Officials revealed Kasab’s identity to the hangman only minutes prior to the execution.

The cell where Kasab has lived since November of 2008 in the Arthur Road prison was bomb and bullet proofed. However, at that prison, there are no facilities for hangings and Kasab was therefore transported to the Yerwada facility.

Kasab was asked prior to his execution if he wanted to speak or had any last wishes. The terrorist answered no. Following his hanging, with the doctor present, Kasab was confirmed dead and government authorities were notified.

According to prison officials, the terrorist’s body was buried inside the same Yerwada jail.

Clash in Sri Lanka leaves 27 Dead in Prison Clash in Sri Lanka leaves 27 Dead in Prison

November 11, 2012 - While officers were in the Welikada prison searching for illegal drugs and mobile phones, violence erupted. Officials at the prison, located in Colombo, said 27 people had been killed, while a senior officer had been seriously wounded. The prison is the largest in Sri Lanka and police said a gunfight started when policed were shot at by inmates.

The violence was brought under control by the army before sunrise. Staff that had been held hostage was also freed said the military and prison officials. Chandrasiri Gajadeera, the Prisons minister told Sri Lanka’s parliament that 27 were confirmed dead.

When the special police force was exiting the prison after conducting the search for drugs and mobile phones, prisoners attacked them with rocks. The police responded with teargas, but the prisoners fired at the police.

Witnesses told reporters they saw the police shooting at the inmates, while the prisoners were armed and on the roof shooting back.

The commissioner of prisons P.W. Kodippili stated that the prisoners had broken into the armory of the prison and stolen weapons that included machine guns. Efforts are taking place now to find the rest of the stolen weapons and to look for escapees. An army spokesperson said weapons in the possession of the prisoners were located along with six bodies during their search.

The elite polices forces’ commanding officer was hospitalized in intensive care at the national hospital. An official said 59 had been injured and 16 killed.

The Colombo prison has over 4,500 inmates, which includes members of what was once the Tamil rebels, who were defeated in a long war that ended in 2009. However, officials did not know if how many if any had been involved in the altercation. Currently a full count of the inmates is taking place to see how many had escaped.


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