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Longoria Opens Up Over Divorce Longoria Opens Up Over Divorce

May 17, 2012- Actress Eva Longoria has started to open up over her divorce from NBA basketball player Tony Parker and allegations of his infidelity. The actress told an interviewer that she is secure in who she is and that she is not conceited, she just thinks she knows who she is and what she wants.

When the topic of Parker’s infidelity came up, Longoria just said he chose the life he wanted and who he wanted to be with. She did say she has her days where she wondered if she was sexy enough, or if she was pretty enough. She even questioned whether she was smart enough. However, she caught herself many times and told herself not to start that. She said you can get caught up in that cycle and then carry onto other things that are even worse.

The couple split in late 2010 amid allegations that Parker had been sexting a former wife of one of his teammates. When Longoria confronted the San Antonio Spur player, she was trying to find out why he did it. She said she did not judge him, she knew in order to get an answer she had to let him feel comfortable enough to explain.

Their divorce was finalized in January of last year and she said in a television interview that she will always keep the love and not what was lost. She said the press was looking for her to be hateful towards Tony and villainize him and she said she could not and do not.

California Budget Shortfall Hits $16 Billion California Budget Shortfall Hits $16 Billion

May 13, 2012- The California state budget deficit is swelling to record numbers. The shortfall has been on the increase over the past six months and is forcing officials to put together new cuts in spending that will likely force additional reductions in healthcare, social programs and education all of which have already been hit with budget cuts over the past five years.

On Saturday, a budget deficit of $16 billion was announced by Governor Jerry Brown. The shortfall has increased from the $9.2 billion that was registered in January. Brown said that on Monday he would propose a completely new budget to deal with the current shortfall.

Brown, in a YouTube video message, said the state is facing a deficit of $16 billion, not what was thought in January to be $9 billion. He said that would mean many more cuts would have to be made than originally thought earlier in the year.

He laid out the steps needed to try to cut back on spending to lower the deficit. He told viewers to support an initiative is will put on the ballot in November that increases by 0.25% the sales tax and increases taxes on the wealthiest Californians.

Officials said the proposal Brown will outline on Monday would have immediate cuts and others that would kick in only if voters did not approve his plan in November. The increase in sales tax is only for a four-year period and would then return to its current rate.

Travolta Was Once Banned From Spa Travolta Was Once Banned From Spa

May 13, 2012- Another masseur, the fourth, has announced allegations of sexual misconduct against actor John Travolta. Michael Caputo, a former employee at Peninsula Hotel said the actor was put on the blacklist at a swanky hotel for close to three years, following behavior that was inappropriate around the staff.

Caputo said, “Travolta always asked to have a male for his massages. However, over time, no one would take him. It was to the point the spa cold no find men to perform a massage on him and he was banned.”

Caputo says that male employees at the spa had accused Travolta of taking off his towel, grinding against the table and lifting up his butt. These, says Caputo, are signs Travolta was seeing how far he could go.

A representative from the hotel would not comment on the claims made by Caputo. Before the allegations were made by Caputo, Travolta’s legal counsel had been denying the claims of the other three masseurs who had come forward during the week to tell tales of their inappropriate experiences with Travolta.

Marty Singer, the attorney for Travolta said the latest accusations are complete nonsense and that his client was in that same spa with the past six months.

Singer said, “If he had been banned, do you really think he would have returned.”

Singer added, “John at no time was banned and has never done anything improperly at the spa.”

MTV Movie Awards Hosted By Russell Brand MTV Movie Awards Hosted By Russell Brand

May 11, 2012- The 2012 MTV Movie Awards will be hosted by Russell Brand. It will be the first time he has hosted the awards show, which will air in June. The British comedian who is known for off the cuff, raunchy humor promised to deliver a program that was more impressive than the recently released hit The Avengers.

MTV president Stephen Friedman said, “Brand, with his ability to cross over the full spectrum of comedy can connect with the audience in a very unique way and will bring an unpredictable theme to the show.”

This year the show is in Los Angeles and will be held on June 3. It is one of the most watched shows that the youth oriented channel has and serves as a launching pad from a number of the big movies released by Hollywood for the summer targeted to the younger moviegoer.

The Hunger Games and Bridesmaids led the field in nominations with eight apiece. The show also showcases other offbeat categories like the best fight and best kiss in a movie.

Brand will not be alone on stage, as he will be joined by a host of presenters including Andrew Garfield, Emma Stone, Charlize Theron, Kristen Steward, Mark Wahlberg and Mila Kunis.

Travolta Denounces Lawsuit That Claims Sexual Battery Travolta Denounces Lawsuit That Claims Sexual Battery

May 8, 2012- Actor John Travolta has been sued for $2 million by a yet to be named plaintiff who alleges that Travolta sexually harassed and assaulted him after he had been hired to give the actor a massage. A representative for the actor strongly denied all the claims in the lawsuit and said the actor is planning to countersue the “John Doe” plaintiff. 

The suit was filed in U.S. District Court in California and charges Travolta with sexual battery, assault and inflicting intentional emotional distress. The complaint says that Travolta groped the masseur and exposed himself despite the plaintiff’s protests, among other activities that were salacious, in January of 2011. 

A representative for Travolta called the suit both a fabrication and fiction. The rep said none of what is claimed ever occurred. The plaintiff is aware that the suit is frivolous and because of that, the plaintiff’s identity has not been released, even though there is a requirement to do so. The representative also said that on the day he claims he met Mr. Travolta the actor was not in the state and it can be proved he was on the east coast of the U.S. 

Last March, another anonymous masseur spoke to the National Enquirer. He alleged similar claims to the current lawsuit. The suit claims the actor paid the masseur $800 after the masseur said he would call the police. The incident is alleged to have happened inside one of the bungalows in a hotel in Beverly Hills.

Gabor Battle Leaves Court Gabor Battle Leaves Court

May 3, 2012- The estranged daughter and husband of Zsa Zsa Gabor have decided to settle their differences over the actresses’ affairs outside the court. The 95-year old Gabor has been described by doctors as nearly unresponsive and bedridden. The only child of Gabor, Francesca Hilton, asked a judge in Los Angeles to appoint her mother a conservator, claiming the 9th husband of Gabor, Frederic Prinz Von Anhalt was keeping her isolated and mishandling the actresses financial matters.

Hilton’s attorneys and von Anhalt asked the judged on Wednesday however, to delay the hearing regarding the matter. The two sides said they hope to resolve this delicate issue without the court.

Gabor, the blond bombshell of films in the 1950s such as Lili and Moulin Rouge, but has been in and out of a number of hospitals since 2010 when she broke her hip and later had to have one of her legs amputated. Anhalt cares for Gabor in her mansion located in Bel Air.

A doctor evaluated Gabor for the hearing on Wednesday and described the actress as not able to see or hear clearly, bedbound, unable to answer or respond to questions and agitated when not in familiar surroundings. The doctor also said Gabor is much calmer in her home environment that she is familiar with and with people, she knows. She also is able to recognize her husband, squeeze his hand and be calmed by him.


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