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Brown Crashes Day before the Grammys Brown Crashes Day before the Grammys

February 10, 2013 - Chris Brown, the embattled R&B singer, crashed into a wall with his car on Saturday in Beverly Hills, California. He later spoke to police telling them he had been trying to elude paparazzi when he crashed.

Brown’s crash came just one night before the Grammy Awards, almost four years to the day that Brown assaulted singer Rihanna, his girlfriend at the time, on the eve of the awards in 2009.

After the latest incident, the singer told police in Beverly Hills that paparazzi had been chasing him prior to the crash, said a police spokesperson.

Police did not cite or arrest Brown at the crash scene, said police. The police also believe the vehicle might have been towed. Reports by different media agencies said that Brown had been driving a Porsche.

One of Brown’s representatives said Brown was not injured during the crash but would not have any further contact regarding the incident at this time.

In 2009, Brown pled guilty to punching and beating Rihanna and from that same case, faces legal troubles with prosecutors. A judge in Los Angeles on Wednesday ordered a new report over the community service the singer had to perform as part of his conviction. Prosecutors have accused Brown of not performing all the service work that was required of him.

Prosecutors said there were a number of occasions when Brown said he was working at a particular location for community service work, but instead had been traveling or performing. One time he was supposedly doing community work in Virginia and prosecutors said he was actually on a private jet on his way to Cancun, Mexico.

Rihanna was with Brown on Wednesday when he appeared in court and has said she is dating the singer once again. Mark Geragos, Brown’s attorney denied the latest allegations made by the prosecutor’s office about Brown’s community service work. He also accused the prosecutors of trying to persecute his client.

Chris Brown Allegedly Falsified His Community Service Chris Brown Allegedly Falsified His Community Service

February 06, 2013 - Singer Chris Brown has a big problem with his prosecutor, four years following his attack on Rihanna. Brown was given an unusual deal by prosecutors following his plea to assaulting his, at the time, girlfriend. The plea deal gave him the opportunity to complete his community service that was ordered by the court, in Virginia under the supervision of Bryan Norwood, the Police Chief of Richmond, Virginia.

On Tuesday, the district attorney of Los Angeles alleged that Brown’s mother was the one who supervised the majority of his community service and investigators were able to find evidence that it was never completed.

Brown’s paperwork he submitted to show the completed 180 days of work was called by the DA, sloppy documentation at best and fraudulent reporting at worst. Brown was not even in Richmond for some of the days he reported that he worked.

The motion the DA made on Tuesday also claimed that Brown violated his probation when he punched Frank Ocean at a recording studio in Hollywood last month. At the time, Brown threatened to bust up or shoot Ocean. Police are investigating the fight, said the motion.

Also mentioned in the motion was an alleged chair throwing incident during an interview on Good Morning America and an incident where he allegedly stole a cell phone of a fan.

In addition, the DA claims Brown’s prescription for medical marijuana, which was used to defend him for a failed drug test, was not valid since the acupuncturist who gave him the prescription does not have a license to prescribe drugs, said Tuesday’s motion.

Mark Geragos, Brown’s lawyer disputed the DA’s charges, saying there were a minimum of six officials in Virginia that told investigators in Los Angeles that Brown had performed his community work.

Winner Dies at 77 Winner Dies at 77

January 23, 2013 - Death Wish director Michael Winner has died at 77. The flamboyant British director of many films was best known for the series of Death Wish movies he directed during the ’70 and ‘80s. Winner died on Monday at his London home. Geraldine, his wife, announced that Winner had died in a prepared statement the family released to the media.

Recently Winner reinvented himself into a restaurant critic for the Sunday Times in London. Last summer it was revealed that Winner was suffering from liver and heart problems and he was given 18 months to live by his doctors.

Winner worked in the movie industry for 40 years and directed over 30 feature films, which included the very successful Charles Bronson Death Wish movies. Bronson starred as a vigilante who avenged the murders of his family.

Winner also worked with some of Hollywood’s biggest stars including Robert Mitchum, Marlon Brando, and the ever-popular Faye Dunaway. However, the success he earned was overshadowed by a divisive image he carried in his homeland as being a bon viveur, who never worried about hiding his wealth.

In his obituary in one London daily, he was described as flamboyant, yet boorish and his own worst enemy. Winner was born in 1935 in London and at 14 was writing an entertainment column. He studied at Cambridge and in 1956 entered the movie world full time starting with short films and documentaries.

Winner focused during the 1960s on comedies and worked with Oliver Reed in two successful ones. In the ‘70s, he moved to crime movies with The Mechanic and the Death Wish series.

The original Death Wish movie proved to be controversial because of the urban violence it portrayed, but Winner defended it anyway since he knew that movie is what he would be remembered for.

Clinton Surprises Many at Golden Globes Clinton Surprises Many at Golden Globes

January 15, 2013 - President Bill Clinton surprised an audience full of Hollywood stars when he appeared on stage to present Lincoln, one of the films that was vying for Best Drama Picture at the Golden Globe Awards. Clinton was appearing on the Golden Globes, but was hoping to be heard by the Academy Awards’ voters who will soon be voting for the Oscars.

It was a surprise for most that Clinton was on stage, but not for those who know Steven Spielberg, the director of Lincoln. Spielberg and Clinton have had a long relationship. In Little Rock, Arkansas where the Clinton Presidential Center is located, there is a Norman Rockwell painting of New York Harbor’s Statue of Liberty, which Spielberg gave as a gift to Clinton and during Clinton’s presidency it hung in his Oval Office.

Following Clinton’s short stay on stage Amy Poehler reappeared on stage and told the audience the person who just appeared had been Hillary Clinton’s husband. Tina Fey then added that it was Bill Rodham Clinton. Both remarks received laughter and applause.

No details were discussed by DreamWorks officials when asked about the arrangements that were necessary for Clinton to appear. Officials would only say that Clinton arrived by plane around 5 p.m. and was there as the show began. Clinton also came to attend another charity event.

Rupert Murdoch, the media icon, who attended the awards show with his wife, did not seem wowed by the former president’s appearance. Murdoch said Spielberg wanted to win so bad he called in all of his favors and flew Clinton in to appear.

When asked after the awards show how he arranged for Clinton to appear, Spielberg sidestepped the question by saying you will have to refer to the Hollywood Foreign Press for that.

The HFP Association cast ballots over a week ago for the show therefore Clinton’s appearance did not influence the outcome of the voting. Lincoln did not win the best drama trophy that went to Argo, directed by Ben Affleck.

Pattinson In Hiding Following Cheating Scandal Pattinson In Hiding Following Cheating Scandal

July 27, 2012- Actor Robert Pattinson has seemingly up and disappeared following the cheating scandal of Kristen Stewart that took place earlier in the week. The star of Twilight has not been seen for some time and many different ideas of popped up about his whereabouts.

The only sure thing about his whereabouts is that he is no longer at the home that he and Stewart recently share. All is quiet at the residence except for a group of paparazzi who have taken up camp outside the residence. Both Stewart and Pattinson have not been seen since Tuesday night when the news of Stewart’s tryst was revealed.

One source close to the actor said he is very heartbroken and upset. The source said Pattinson will remain in seclusion and has not been in touch with Stewart since all of the news broke. Insiders said that Pattinson has packed all his belongings and already moved out of the home. However, that may be short-lived since the home is actually Pattinson’s and not Stewart’s so therefore he should return one day when she leaves.

There have been a number of unconfirmed sightings of the young actor. One had him in Canada at the Montreal International Airport entering a limo. None of his reps has said anything about his whereabouts or how he is doing emotionally. The only real thing known for sure is that Pattinson is due to start filming his latest movie in August.

Batman Still Rises Despite Friday Shootings Batman Still Rises Despite Friday Shootings

July 23, 2012- The massacre at a movie theater in Colorado Friday dented some of the sales for the debut of The Dark Knight Rises, but not too much. The movie is the finale to the Batman trilogy by Christopher Nolan and earned over $162 million domestically during the first weekend of release.

The total was less than the figures predicted for the blockbuster that were at about $190 million prior to the tragedy in Colorado. The difference is an indication that some people either were not in the mood to see a violent Batman film or were worried about safety at their cinema following the movie massacre of last week.

Nevertheless, the highly anticipated film scored one of the best weekends for a debut ever at the box offices. The Avengers scored $207 million in its first weekend this past May and Harry Potter’s final movie took in over $169 million last summer in its debut.

On Sunday evening, Hollywood did not speak of the box office figures citing respect for the victims and their families of Friday’s midnight massacre in Colorado. A number of companies that provide the final numbers for the weekend box offices declined to report them, as well.

However, the money involved was too high to be completely ignored and officials from the studio provided them nonetheless. Part of the reason the movie maintained high sales volume was the number of advance ticket sales its distributor Warner Bros had.


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