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Google Creating Curiosity Among Its Users And Analysts Google Creating Curiosity Among Its Users And Analysts

April 30, 2013 - Google Inc purchased ‘Wavii’, which is a news summary application but did not use it for long and had it closed shortly. Google is considered as the big boss of all the search engines. The news of Google Inc purchasing Wavii was first out on the 24th of April. Google openly accepts this purchase but claims to shut down its services quite soon.

Wavii’s CEO, Mr. Adrain Aoun wrote a short message on his website saying that their customers have known them for their awesome app that took floods of information flowing all over the internet and compressed it to quick and entertaining updates, but this is coming to an end and is being replaced by their natural language research at Google, which would prove to be very useful to many people all around the world. Mr. Aoun concluded his message thanking all Wavii users for their feedbacks and assured of taking their technology to a more advanced level and surprising them with what they’ll offer next.

In the year 2012, Google had closed down one of their famous service called Google Reader, which is a hint that Google surely has something new and exciting coming up for its users. There is a possibility that it would use the technology of Wavii to enhance the quality of Google News. But these are all assumptions, at this point we cannot be certain about Google’s plans nor do we have any insight to what the search engine giant is up to.

In the mid of April Yahoo also introduced a new app with integration of Summly. In the beginning of April Google Inc strongest competitor paid $ 30 million for the Summly application which is approximately same to what Google paid to purchase Wavii.

The spokes person of Google Inc spoke highly of Wavii and remarked that Google was greatly overwhelmed by the effort Wavii’s team was making in understanding natural language and we are advancing towards working them at Google Inc.

Every engine and network owes to the mobile technology for incorporating their devices with search engines and networks. The apps that are a compulsory part of any mobile device these days have given technology a new shape. All sorts of search engine apps are available to name a few popular magazine style news app are Flipboard and Pulse which makes it very obvious to notice that the search engines are trying to make a striking entry in the news app market.

Inexpensive devices from Intel to run Microsoft and Google Inexpensive devices from Intel to run Microsoft and Google

April 21, 2013 - Sources said that very cheap Intel-based laptops and tablets would run Microsoft and Google operating systems.

Paul Otellini the CEO of Intel said earlier this week that touch devices might debut at as little as $200. However, the cheapest electronic devices might have non-Windows operating systems, which mean they might not necessarily be equipped with Windows 8 as was originally thought.

A source close to the situation said that Intel would participate in the $200 price point market in 2013.

On Friday, a report online said that Intel had been promoting Android convertible notebooks. The report also said that in the upcoming months Lenovo, Toshiba, Acer, Asus and Hewlett-Packard would all be launching products.

There are also rumors in the industry of a 7-inch tablet operating Windows 8 and using an Atom processors by Intel that will debut for as little as $299.

These price barriers have caused the PC market to drop, as it is easier to spend just $299 for a tablet instead of three times more on a PC. However, if it is possible to lower the price of PCs to $200 to $300 then the playing field is even and the impact on demand would be positive.

Microsoft announced on Thursday that its future small electronic devices would have competitive prices. The software giant said it is working closely with makers of PCs on a series of small devices with touchscreen capabilities that are run by Windows. Microsoft added that the price points would be competitive and available over the next few months.

However, even with the rumored discounts for Microsoft’s Office and Windows 8 software licensing, a device operating Windows 8 at $200 could be difficult to make a profit, said a source close to the situation.

Apple Holds Siri Data for Two Years Apple Holds Siri Data for Two Years

April 21, 2013- New services that have been created by Google, Apple and other tech companies offer convenient tools on mobile devices that help organize daily routines both for personal and business related activities.

However, those same excellent services often make it necessary that one’s person data is collected then analyzed and stored. Because of this, some groups are raising questions over how long the companies are keeping the private data. One of those services that is receiving much attention is Siri from Apple.

A spokesperson from Apple, amid inquiries from the ACLU said that Apple maintains anonymized data in Siri for as long as two years and if Siri is turned off by a user, both the identifiers are immediately deleted as well as any associated information.

The ACLU has taken on this issue prior, but the issue has re-emerged recently. According to the privacy policy for Siri, if you turn the service off, Apple will delete User Data and your recent data for voice input. Voice input data that is older that is disassociated with the user might be retained for to help improve Siri and other products from Apple.

However, that privacy policy document is not posted on Apple’s site so this is the first time that Apple has revealed the length of time it maintains data from Siri.

Retention of data has been in the headlines for the last few years from companies on the Internet like Microsoft, Google and Yahoo to providers of wireless services like Verizon and AT&T.

Google Glass to be available in Weeks Google Glass to be available in Weeks

April 11, 2013 - Within the next few weeks, those people who pre-ordered the Google Glass will have the new specs in their hands. Google confirmed that it’s Explorer Edition of the new Google Glass networked specs that cost$1,500 will be shipped within a few weeks.

A spokesperson for Google said the company hopes that the new specs would be shipped in April. The Glass Explorer specs are designed to examine the different potential uses of the Glass. The idea is for consumers to try it and see what has to be tweaked.

The timing of the Glass shipments coincides with the San Francisco based I/O conference Google holds annually, where the Glass is thought to be one of the major focuses of the conference.

The release of the new specs also follows last month’s reports that said the first specs would shortly be finished with production in factories located in the U.S.

It is still not clear whether the new headsets will ship in April or until early May and no one is sure if they will be going to the developers or to the 8,000 winners of competitions who Google recently chose to purchase their own glasses.

In other news related to the Google Glass, Google Ventures the investment arm announced Wednesday it teamed up with Andreessen Horowitz, the venture capitalist and an early supporter of Google, Kleiner, Perkins, Caulfield and Byers to setup Glass Collective to produce the first apps for the Glass.

Some say that Glass has an even bigger potential than the Smartphone. One user said it could create a new world of experiences and services.

Unlimited In-Car WiFi to be offered by Audi Unlimited In-Car WiFi to be offered by Audi

April 05, 2013 - Audi buyers can receive unlimited 3G WiFi in their new car for just $15 a month. The hotspot service called Connect WiFi is backed through a T-Mobile 3G connection and could be the biggest and boldest leap thus far in technology for an automaker in 2013.

There is a catch however. You have to sign up for a contract of 30 months up front for a cost of $450, which for new car buyers starts after six months as the automaker is offering the first six months free. Users preferring just month to month WiFi service can still use the $30 per month that Audi offers. The WiFi service is through T-Mobile, which is used worldwide by Audi.

Audi promotes the new service as unlimited WiFi, but better said it is virtually unlimited. It is for the most part an all you can plan said Brad Sterling the communication manager at Audi. T-Mobile however, has the right to limit users that are extremely high volume, but the manager said he was not aware of that ever happening.

Audi also said that its WiFi included car access to real-time weather, news, Google Voice Search, Google Earth and connections for up to eight devices inside the car.

Audi became the first carmaker to embed a cellular modem and a hotspot WiFi in 2011. Chrysler Corp did offer it earlier, but Audi’s was factory-installed and Chrysler’s was an add-on.

Other automakers are now jumping onboard. BMW announced a cellular modem including WiFi, as a dealer option but has not yet delivered it. The modem will connect into the dock for a smartphone in the vehicle’s center console in order to use the cellular antenna on the car.

However, BMW is still working on the details as to which carrier it will use and how many different simultaneous connections will be allowed.

Blackberry both Realistic and Optimistic about Launch in U.S. Blackberry both Realistic and Optimistic about Launch in U.S.

March 22, 2013 - On Friday, Blackberry will be facing many jaded customers upon its launch in the U.S. of its new generation smartphone. The launch is the company’s final effort to show after many product delays and subpar performances that the mobile device makers can be competitive.

The CEO of the company, Thorsten Heins said the company would fight to regain each customer. In January, the company changed from Research in Motion, to Blackberry to reflect its focus on the company’s most important and primary product.

The new phone, the Z10 is a capable performer, but many wonder if it is strong enough to help Blackberry make a comeback, but observers say that will not be an easy proposition. The handset once was the dominating phone in the global smartphone market. However, it lost ground to competitors such as Samsung, which uses the Android operating system by Google and Apple that uses its own iOS.

In 2011, Blackberry had only 10.3% of the world market and that dropped to only 4.6% during 2012.

The company is betting nearly everything on the two models that will be released of which the Z10 is one and will be available starting Friday. Those who have reviewed the phone called it smooth, stylish and sleek but said it lacks one feature that stands out above the rest.

Investors are hoping the new Z10 makes a splash in the market as they have helped push the stock up more than 150% in just six months.

Heins said his expectations are simple on the Z10 launch: maintain the current customer base the company has, acquire some converts or try to persuade formers owners or users of Blackberry to return to the fold.

However, the CEO would not set any targets for sales for the launch of the phone. He said the company’s object was not take the lead in the smartphone market from Apple of Samsung, but to maintain the share Blackberry has while making modest gains to secure a strong third place.


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