Disney to feature new Wristbands that are wireless

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By Marcel Simmer | marcel@akgulian.com The Post-Standard
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on May 30, 2013 at 05:05 pm
Disney has added wireless wristbands for visitors to its parks

Disney has added wireless wristbands for visitors to its parks

May 30, 2013 - Disney has added wireless wristbands for visitors to its parks. This is the latest and the most high-profile method of travel companies using RFID – Radio Frequency Identification – to track their visitors.

Park goers at Disney World will soon be able to get rid of their paper tickets and plastic in favor of the wireless wristbands. The wristbands monitor where the wearer goes and what they purchase.

The wristbands are known as MagicBands and can help to located family members who might have been split up in the always crowded theme park.

The bands, made of rubber, substitute for the park’s tickets that visitors normally receive to get inside the park. The tickets also can unlock a guest’s door in one of the Disney theme hotels.

Park goers can also use the bracelets to tap to purchase souvenirs or concession, photos and even to use as a FastPass, designed to reduce the amount of time spent waiting in line for an attraction, by prearranging online, the time that you arrive to use a particular attraction.

The bands have been tested by Disney in their Florida theme parks located in Orlando. They will be launched over the upcoming months with the first park to receive them being Orlando’s Walt Disney World.

Once a vacation is booked, the bands would be sent in advance of your upcoming vacation, instead of the traditional paper tickets.

The codes inside the bracelets can be deactivated by Disney if they are lost so that someone is not able to charge to the person’s account or to use the bands to enter the park.

The company also claims that no personal information will be stored. However, if you decide to, it is possible, to be tracked by Disney as to your whereabouts inside the park, when the wristbands are worn.