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Hundreds runs on New York Marathon even after the event was cancelled Hundreds runs on New York Marathon even after the event was cancelled

November 04, 2012- For just the first time in the history of the event, the New York Marathon has been canceled. City officials decided that holding the event less than a week after the city was devastated by Hurricane Sandy was not the correct thing to do, as it would take away resources and distract from the ongoing recovery.

New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg and race organizers the New York Road Runners, said in a Friday statement that they would not want the race to have a cloud hanging over neither it nor its participants. The statement said that even such an important event as the marathon could not distract the attention away from the important work everyone is doing to recover from Sandy.

For years, the marathon and autumn have shared New York City for a day. It has been a day when the city turned out to support the world’s best long distance runners and the thousands of joggers who were lucky enough to get entry. In 2001, it was run just weeks after the terrorist attacks of 9/11 even while crews were working to find the remains of the dead and clear rubble from the twin towers.

Close to 47,000 runners had registered to run, including more than 20,000 from outside the U.S. The event increases hotel usage by 40,000 rooms for at least a period of five days said the office of tourism for the city.

Many runners have already arrived and were upset with the news of the race being cancelled. Some said that cancelling the race at such a late stage would cause great expense for many who have had to travel from afar.

One study performed estimated that New York City received an economic impact of more than $340 million from the NYC Marathon.

New Yorkers were starting to resent the marathon after they tried to book hotel rooms after their residents were flooded and were disappointed when they found out that marathoners had booked rooms months ahead of time. Shortage of rooms was also exacerbated by the hotels that had to close because of power outage or storm damage.

Despite everything happening around, thousands of runners gathered near the Central Park wearing Marathon shirts and started running to help the victims of Superstorm Sandy.


Giants Sweep Tigers to Win World Series Giants Sweep Tigers to Win World Series

October 29, 2012- Once again, the San Francisco Giants are World Series Champions. On Sunday night, the Giants defeated the Detroit Tigers 4-3 in 10 innings to sweep the Tigers in four games and win their second title in the past three years.

The game was played in front of a raucous crowd of more than 42,150 in Detroit. This was the first real intense game in a series that seemed anticlimactic compared to the Giants’ entire postseason run.

In their previous two series, the Giants were teetering on the brink of elimination, only to come back and miraculously win the series. Against Detroit, the Giants were businesslike and cutthroat in their play never giving the Tigers an opportunity to threaten.

The franchise now has won seven World Series titles, the last coming in 2010 when they beat the Texas Rangers. Bruce Bochy the manager of the Giants said he knows how difficult it is to reach the World Series, let alone win it and was proud of the way the team played.

Bochy managed the team during the playoffs with perfection by mixing up his players and keeping them positive when they were behind two games to zero in the NL championship series. San Francisco ended its season on a 7-0 run, something they did not accomplish at any time turn the entire 162-game regular season.

Following the game, Detroit manager Jim Leyland said there were no flukes or bad breaks as the Giants won all four games. He said he tipped his hat to the organization.

The last game was played in chilly drizzling conditions with Max Scherzer for the Tigers and Matt Cain for the Giants standing their ground on the mound against the hitters.

Pablo Sandoval was named the Most Valuable Player in the series thanks to his three home runs on opening night.

Tebow Could Play Running Back Tebow Could Play Running Back

October 19, 2012 - Tim Tebow the backup quarterback for the New York Jets amongst other roles on and off the field, now might have one more. Rex Ryan the head coach for the New York Jets would not rule out the idea that Tebow might play at running back in Sunday’s game versus AFC East rival the New England Patriots.

Ryan said it certainly was a possibility that Tebow could be lining up behind starting quarterback Mark Sanchez in the New York backfield. Ryan added that Tebow is the type of football player, as the team has said before, that as a quarterback knows about all the other positions on the field. Therefore, he can take snaps at running back, tight end or any other position on the offense.

On inside source said that Tebow would not line up in the role of a traditional halfback however, he could see some carries from the team’s wildcat formation against New England or possibly from the shotgun formation next to Sanchez.

It makes sense that Tebow could see more of a role in the offense on Sunday since injuries have taken their toll on the team. One source said that Bilal Powell would miss the game because of separating his shoulder in last week’s game. Joe McKnight will most likely sit out another game after he suffered an ankle sprain in the game last week. However, he still has not been ruled out by the team.

Ryan would not make any comment about the status of the two players, but both were not at practice on Thursday and Powell was no even on the playing field when the practice started. McKnight did a light workout off to one side of the field with trainers and said he could play on Sunday.

If the two cannot play, the Jets are left with just Jonathan Grimes and Shonn Greene as traditional running backs. Last week, the Jets ran the ball for 252 yards, the best running game they have had this season.

Nike Ends Contract of Lance Armstrong Nike Ends Contract of Lance Armstrong

October 17, 2012- Nike announced on Wednesday that it had ended its contract and business relationship with Lance Armstrong. The contract Nike had with Armstrong was worth millions. Nike made its decision only one week after a detailed report was released by the USADA that outlines allegations of doping by Armstrong and his different teams during the time he competed in professional cycling.

The report included allegations while he was winning his seven Tour de France titles from 1999 to 2005.

The USADA handed Armstrong a ban for life, and it took away all the titles he had earned during a 14-year career as a professional cyclist. Included in those titles were the seven from the Tour.

A Nike spokesperson read from a prepared statement that said because of the large amount of evidence detailed in the anti-doping agency report that Armstrong had in fact participated in the illegal activity of doping and therefore had misled Nike for more than 10 years; the company had no other alternative than to end its contract with the cyclist.

Nike is also planning to remove the name of Armstrong from the fitness center at company headquarters in Oregon. At first Nike stood behind the Texan, even after all of his titles had been stripped. Last summer, Armstrong told Nike he had not participated in doping and was adamant he was telling the truth.

Armstrong, since he started winning Tour de France titles following his recovery from testicle cancer, had been sought out by many companies as a spokesman. In 2005, he earned over $17.5 million from just endorsements and was the eighth leading money earner for endorsements that year amongst all professional athletes.

However, since he retired from professional cycling in 2011 his endorsement deals have become less.

Armstrong announced he would no longer be chairman of his cancer fighting charity Livestrong. The company he started after he had recovered from cancer.

Jeter Lost by Yankees after Breaking Ankle Jeter Lost by Yankees after Breaking Ankle

October 14, 2012 – The New York Yankees enjoyed an excellent ninth inning of the first game of the American League Championship series versus the Detroit Tigers. New York tied the score with four runs helped by the two run home run of Raul Ibanez with two outs in the inning.

Then during the game’s 12th inning, the Yankees ran into disaster. New York lost the game when Detroit scored twice in the inning and veteran Derek Jeter, New York’s all star shortstop fractured his ankle and will be lost for the rest of the postseason.

Joe Girardi the Yankees manager said the team was disappointed that they lost, but devastated that their leader and captain was injured and lost for the year.

Jeter fractured the ankle while fielding a ground ball. Jeter’s left leg collapsed on the play as he started to gather up the ball. Jeter instantly fell to the infield dirt and in Yankee Stadium, you could hear a pin drop, as the crowd went dead silent.

Yankee pitcher Andy Pettitte said he knew when Jeter did not bounce up right away that it was bad, very bad. Following the game, x-rays showed that the ankle was fractured and will take three months to completely heal, but his career is not threatened. It is still not certain whether Jeter will require surgery.

Brian Cashman the general manager of the Yankees said that when doctors told Jeter about the fracture there was not reaction made by the future Hall of Famer. Cashman said that now Girardi and his coaches must find a way to get by the latest obstacle.

Rose Wins World Golf Final Defeating Westwood Rose Wins World Golf Final Defeating Westwood

October 12, 2012 – Justin Rose shot a round of 66 in the final to defeat Lee Westwood by one shot to win the first prize of $1.5 million in the World Golf Final sponsored by Turkish Airlines. The tournament was made up of an eight-man field.

During the group phase of the tournament, Rose had defeated Westwood his Ryder Cup teammate. Rose never trailed Westwood in the final as he buried a 20-foot putt for birdie on the first hole to take the lead.

The match was played almost perfectly by both players, as neither one of them recorded a bogey, but Westwood was not able to hole a number of birdie opportunities he had and that eventually cost him the tournament.

Westwood had reached the final after a superb 61 in his semifinal match but could not find the same spark against Rose in the final. Westwood even missed a three foot putt on the 13th hole. Rose also missed a putt on the 16th hole of the same length and Westwood birdied the same hole to cut the lead to just one. However, Rose slammed the door on Westwood at the 17th by sinking a 20-foot birdie putt.

Rose praised the way Westwood played on the day, but said that is the way golf is, the putts roll in the hole one day and not the next. When asked what he would do with his $1.5 million winner’s prize, Rose said, “What is my wife going to do with the prize money?”


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