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Marquez Knocks Out Pacquiao Marquez Knocks Out Pacquiao

December 10, 2012 - Two great rivals took to the squared ring in Las Vegas on Saturday night to settle the claim of who was the best boxer. Manny Pacquiao took on Juan Manuel Marquez in the fourth bout between the two.

Marquez needed a win in the bout as he had lost two and drew one in the three previous fights against Pacquiao. That is exactly what happened when he battered Pacquiao with an overhand right flush on the face and a left that flattened Pacquiao in the sixth round at the MGM Grand.

Pacquiao fell face first into the mat and was knocked out cold. The judges, who have come to be the controversy in this matchup of great fighters, were not needed to make the decision. Kenny Bayless, the match referee did not have to or bother to count as the Marquez corner started celebrating in front of the packed arena of his Mexican supporters.

Marquez said afterward that he knew at any moment that Pacquiao could have knocked him out but he was able to throw the perfect punch that hit Pacquiao before the Philippine could hit him.

The victory by Marquez brought to an end the incredible run by Pacquiao, who won world titles in eight different weight classes, a seat in congress in the Philippines and become a worldwide star.

The loss by Pacquiao probably ends any hope that the fight everyone wanted to see Pacquiao versus Floyd Mayweather Jr. will ever take place.   Prior to the huge knockout, the fight had been clean and tremendous.

Pacquiao said after the bout that he became careless. He said he fought the best he could but that is what happens in boxing. Pacquiao said he bested Marquez in the rounds leading up to the knockout but Marquez hit him with a strong punch that he never expected.

After Pacquiao was able to stand following the knockout, he embraced Marquez. Marquez told him he was a great fighter.

Already there is talk of a fifth bout!


Barcelona Calms Fans over injury to Lionel Messi Barcelona Calms Fans over injury to Lionel Messi

December 07, 2012- On Wednesday night, Barcelona star player Lionel Messi came on in the second half of the clubs Champions League match against Benfica as a substitute. He suffered a knee injury and had to be taken off the field on a cart. The game ended in a draw and Barcelona fans were worried their star player had suffered a serious injury.

Messi, as the game was nearing its end, collided in front of the Benfica goal with Artur the goalkeeper for the Portuguese club. He looked as if he was in severe pain as he was carted off the pitch. Nevertheless, the diagnosis appeared to be just a bruise on the knee of the Argentine. Messi remains a doubt for Barcelona’s match against Real Betis on Sunday in La Liga.

Barcelona announced that tests that were done on Wednesday night had confirmed Messi was bruised on his bone on the outer part of his knee. How quickly he recovers will determine his status for Sunday’s games versus Real Betis, said the team’s spokesperson.

On Barcelona’s website, a statement read that after Messi beat Benfica’s offside trap, the Argentine attempted to dribble past Artur the opposing keeper, who ran into Messi. However, Messi continued to move and eventually shot the ball, but immediately dropped to the ground in visible pain, holding onto his left knee.

The matched ended in a 0-0 draw with Barcelona already qualifying for the group of 16 that follows the now completed group stage. Benfica ended the group stage in third place and will now play in the Europa League.

Messi is attempting to break a record for most goals in one calendar year. The current holder Gerd Muller of Germany recorded 85 goals during 1972 and Messi is now just one short of that mark with a number of matches left on the calendar before the end of the year.

Rodriguez Out Up to Six Months for Hip Surgery Rodriguez Out Up to Six Months for Hip Surgery

December 4, 2012 - Alex Rodriguez, the veteran third baseman for the New York Yankees will undergo an extensive hip surgery on his left hip next month. However, doctors are confident Rodriguez will return to the team and play this coming season. Brian Cashman, the general manager of the Yankees said that Rodriguez’s season has not ended before it began.

Doctors believe the veteran will miss between four and six months. He will be 38 next July and trying to play on two hips that have been surgically repaired will lead to questions about Rodriguez possibly missing the whole season.

Cashman said he believes Rodriguez will play in 2013, he just is not sure when. He said the doctors told the team that Rodriguez would be fit to play in six months.

Rodriguez will have arthroscopic surgery that will repair bone impingement, a torn labrum and will correct a cyst. He faces six weeks of tough physical therapy prior to surgery in January. His earliest return to the team would be in May and the latest would be July.

New York believes that Rodriguez’s problem affected his play during the postseason as he hit just .120 (3 for 25) and struck out 12 times. Rodriguez told Yankees management in Game three of their series against Detroit that his hip did not feel right.

The surgery will be performed by Dr. Bryan Kelly of New York. Rodriguez had his right hip operated on by Dr. Marc Philippon in March of 2009 and Rodriquez was able to return in May to help the team win a World Series that season.

Cashman said the change of doctors was so that Rodriguez could remain in New York to rehab and have follow up exams making it easier on him and the team.

Cashman called Rodriguez’s injury another challenge for the team and said he and Joe Girardi, the team’s manager, would decide on what needs to be done on the field.


Beckham Ending MLS Soccer Career Beckham Ending MLS Soccer Career

December 1, 2012 - Back in 2007, David Beckham signed to play for the Los Angeles Galaxy of the Major League Soccer league. He not only sold million of jerseys for the team and won titles, but he also sold the sport to people in the U.S.

When he arrived, he told people that soccer was huge around the world but still not in the U.S. and that is where he wanted to make his biggest impact. Six years ago, when he entered the league, the MLS was still attempting to work his way into mainstream sports in the U.S.

Fast forward six years and Beckham is preparing to play in his last match for the Galaxy in Saturday’s MLS Cup. His footprints have become easily visible across the soccer fields of the U.S. from the TV cameras from other countries to the increased size of player salaries in the league.

Beckham has helped bring a time of sustained growth into the league. Since he started, the league has 7 new teams along with 10 new stadiums designed specifically for soccer. This season the average attendance at league games was the highest since the league started and has surpassed the size of average crowds in the NHL and NBA.

Even more important, Beckham was able to bring recognition to the league as game highlights started to appear on television sports reports throughout the country and the rest of the world.

The commissioner of the MLS, Don Garber, said no other player anywhere could have succeeded to transform soccer in the U.S. as Beckham has done. He said Beckham transcended the sport and provided another level of exposure and awareness of the sport that is unprecedented.

Beckham has one of the sport’s best free kicks and is more accurate with kicks than any other player. His good looks, big smile and incredible soccer talent have all helped make him the megastar he is today.

He now will return to Europe to decide if he continues playing, as many teams have expressed interest in signing him. Beckham also is expected to buy a franchise in the MLS.

Golf to Ban Belly Putters Golf to Ban Belly Putters

November 29, 2012- On Wednesday, the United States Golf Association, acting together with their counterpart the Royal & Ancient proposed Rule 14-1b. The new rule states when making a stroke with any of the clubs in your bag, a player cannot anchor the club intentionally on any part of the player’s body or use their hands to rest against their body.

Executive director Mike Davis said the rule was not a ban on equipment rather a clarification of what is a stroke. He said it was a rule that dealt with playing and not with equipment.

However, the proposed new rule would ban the use of all golf clubs that are non-conforming, including the long putter and the belly-length putter, if they become anchored against the body during the golf stroke.

The two governing bodies used examples of long putters that could be used legally, including Matt Kuchar’s stroke, where he rests the putter shaft on one of his forearms and clasps the putter with the other hand.

Davis said the two associations believe a player must maintain the club away from the body so it swings freely in any type of stroke or shot a golfer takes.

Prior to a final decision being taken on the proposed new rule, which would not take effect until 2016, the Royal & Ancient and U.S.G.A. will listen to any feedback from people in the golf community for three months.

Three out of the last five major’s in men’s golf, were won by players who used a long putter. The governing bodies of the sport were forced to act as mounting evidence showed that the clubs were becoming popular not only in the Champions Tour, but also on the PGA Tour and in junior leagues in emerging markets of golf such as China.

On the PGA tour this season, 15% of all players uses a putter that was anchored, which was up from last year’s 11% and the 6% who used them between 2006 and 2010.

Beckham to end Career at Galaxy Beckham to end Career at Galaxy

November 20, 2012 - David Beckham announced on Monday that his last match for the Los Angeles Galaxy will be on December 1 in the MLS Cup Final. However, the Englishman insisted he was still not ready to stop playing yet.

The former England international had been linked with many clubs in Europe, South America and recently in Australia. His management team will look for another deal as his final Galaxy match is next week against the Houston Dynamo.

This will bring an end to Beckham’s tenure in Los Angeles and the U.S., although he wants to remain involved in some way with the league. He told reporters he enjoyed his career greatly in LA, but wants to take on one more challenge before hanging up his football (soccer) boots.

Beckham has helped to grow the league and made a huge impact in the Los Angeles area. Since joining the Galaxy from Real Madrid, Beckham has participated in three finals in the league and won on title.

The president of the owners of the Galaxy, Tim Leiweke said it does not happen often that one player redefines a sport, but Beckham took the franchise to the next level and took the sport to an even higher level. Leiweke said it was a privilege and honor to be associated with Beckham since he joined Galaxy.

Beckham has rejected the rumors that he wanted to end his career playing in Australia. His comments suggested he wanted to extend his great influence for the MLS away from just the Galaxy.

Nevertheless, a number of franchises from the A-League are hoping they can entice the former captain of England to play in Australia. Four teams have been linked with Beckham in Australia, as well as a club in Brazil, Scotland and other European countries.


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