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Patriots defeat Texans, but lose Gronkowski Patriots defeat Texans, but lose Gronkowski

January 15, 2013 - The New England Patriots may have advanced to the AFC Championship next week after defeating the Houston Texans 41-28 Sunday evening, but they will have to play without the services of Rob Gronkowski their All-Pro tight end.

Gronkowski is one of the league’s best tight ends, but he reinjured his left forearm that he broke back on November 18. Doctors said the tight end would need more surgery. In just the second offensive series of the game, Gronkowski was injured. He was injured when he caught a deep pass thrown by quarterback Tom Brady. He was ruled out of bounds on the catch, but braced his fall with his arm, which had been heavily bandaged.

During the game, the team said it was questionable if he would return. However, before the game had ended, rumors already had surfaced that the tight end would not play any longer this season.

His teammate, Aaron Hernandez said Gronkowski was hard to replace since he was a freak of nature, however, Hernandez said the rest of the team had to step up and make the plays to move on to the next game.

Two other Patriots starters also were hurt in the game and left. However it is unknown if Danny Woodhead, who injured his thumb on the first offensive play of the game, while receiving a handoff from his quarterback, will be able to play. He left the game and did not return but remained on the sideline.

Chandler Jones, the team’s defensive end left after injuring his ankle. He missed two games earlier in the season with a similar ankle injury but the team will not know until Monday afternoon about his condition.

New England will host the Baltimore Ravens this weekend for the AFC Championship, with the winner heading on to face the NFC Champions in the Super Bowl in New Orleans on February 3.

Report: Former Cyclist Armstrong to Speak About Doping Report: Former Cyclist Armstrong to Speak About Doping

January 14, 2013 - A recently published report says that former cyclist Lance Armstrong will be interviewed by Oprah Winfrey. The interview will be taped on Monday and he will admit to doping during his cycling career that saw him win seven consecutive Tour de France competitions.

A person with knowledge of what is taking place said that Armstrong, who has been stripped of his seven titles from the Tour de France, would acknowledge he doped, but will not go into any details about any specific cases.

The person who has given the details to a major newspaper would only speak on the promise of anonymity because the person has no authorization to speak to anyone publically about the situation.

Armstrong is set to be interviewed on Monday at his home in Austin, Texas and the interview will air on Thursday on Winfrey’s Oprah Winfrey Network.

The Texas native, who is 41, has denied for years any use of performance enhancers, but was stripped recently of his titles and banned from any professional cycling for his life.

The U.S. Anti-Doping Agency, in October, made a large amount of material available that showed Armstrong used performance enhancers along with blood transfusions to gain an advantage over other riders.

In the report, were 11 statements, each from former teammates on the US Postal Team who had testified against Armstrong.

The report by the leading newspaper said that Armstrong’s anticipated admission will carry a risk of him be sued and also held liable by individuals or parties who feel he has defrauded them over the years he has steadfastly denied any doping.

Armstrong, under oath, testified in 2005 that he had never doped, but no perjury charges would likely be filed due to the statute of limitations, the newspaper reported.

One reason he may be willing to come clean is to help his charity that fights cancer maintain its reputation and to possibly shorten the ban on his competing in cycling events.

No New Inductees into Baseball Hall of Fame No New Inductees into Baseball Hall of Fame

January 10, 2013 - Baseball Hall of Fame voters did not elect any new inductees this year, making many Hall of Famers happy that those from the steroid era were overlooked.

Current Hall of Famers Al Kaline, Dennis Eckersley and Goose Gossage along with others in the Hall are not ready to open the Hall’s doors to those linked with steroids. The three most well known players up for election to the Hall and linked with steroids were Sammy Sosa, Roger Clemens and Barry Bonds. They all did not receive enough votes to join the Hall.

For just the second time in the past 42 years, no one was elected by the baseball writers into the Hall. That sent a signal to all players linked to steroids that they will be treated by a different standard.

Clemens, Sosa and Bonds accumulated many awards over their careers, but the three could not offset the suspicions that their success was boosted artificially through the use of performance enhancing drugs.

Gossage spoke harshly about the players linked to steroids. He said they never should be inducted into the Hall as it shows the children of today that cheating is ok. He added that all of the players that had come under suspicion for steroids use received too many votes by baseball writers.

Bonds received 36% of the vote, while Clemens received 37.6%. Sosa was way down the list receiving only 12.5% of the vote. Yesterday’s vote keeps the league’s home run leader for a career out of the Hall, as well as the most decorated pitcher to play the game.

Bonds is the league’s only seven time winner of the Most Valuable Player award and hit a career 762 home runs. He holds the single season home run record of 73 that he set in 2001. Clemens is ninth in career wins as a pitcher, third in strikeouts and the only seven-time winner of the Cy Young Award.


Alabama Wins Second Consecutive National Championship Alabama Wins Second Consecutive National Championship

January 08, 2013 -  The Alabama Crimson Tide routed the Notre Dame Fighting Irish to win the NCAA Football National Championship for the second consecutive season. Alabama started early and did not let up: leading early in the second quarter 21-0 and midway through the third quarter 35-0 before winning 42-14.

The Crimson Tide has now won 9 national championships, more than any other college football program. Prior to the game, everyone figured its outcome would be close, as Notre Dame owned the fourth best rushing defense in the nation giving up only 92 yards a game. However, as soon as Eddie Lacy and teammate T.J. Yeldon starting rushing the ball for Alabama, it was obvious it would be a long night for the Notre Dame defense.

The air attack by Alabama was just as impressive as their ground game. Quarterback AJ McCarron completed 20 out of his 28 passes including four for TDs. Two of those touchdown tosses went to Amari Cooper who had 105 yards on 6 catches.

The Fighting Irish could do nothing to stop the Crimson Tide offense and with 13:37 remaining in the second quarter, Alabama was already ahead 21-0. By halftime, their advantage had increased to 28-0.

Offensively, Notre Dame was shut down by the powerful linebackers and strong secondary of the Crimson Tide. Freshman quarterback Everett Golson, the Fighting Irish’ starter, could not get untracked due to constant pressure from the down lineman and linebackers for Alabama.

The win was the second consecutive national championship for Alabama and their third in the past four seasons. Many football experts are already talking about the team winning an unprecedented fourth title in five seasons next season.

One of the proudest teams in the nation today is the Texas A&M Aggies. The Aggies were the only team that defeated the Crimson Tide this season.

Hockey Lock Out Ended Hockey Lock Out Ended

January 06, 2013- It seems as though there will be hockey this year after all. The season will be shortened but there will be hockey nonetheless within the next week to ten days. The Player’s association and the NHL reached an agreement on Sunday morning to end the close to four-month lock out that had threatened to end what was left of an already shortened season.

The final negotiating session went on for over 16 hours stretching from the afternoon on Saturday until slightly before dawn Sunday morning. The results of the marathon session were a new 10-year deal between the two sides.

Gary Bettman the NHL Commissioner said that lots of Is needed to be dotted and Ts needed to be crossed before the deal is official and all the work is completed.

Scheduling issues such as how long the season will be and how the schedule will look all have to be worked on. The NHL already has models for a 48 and 50 game season.

The estimate that came out of the meeting, but was not confirmed by the NHL, was that games could start as quickly as eight days after a final deal was actually signed. It is also believed that all of the games will be played within the two conferences, but that too has not been confirmed.

A majority of the 30 owners in the league must still ratify the collective bargaining agreement along with the 740 player union members. The players have not been able to play since September 16 when the prior collective bargaining agreement expired.

Under the new CBA, all free agent contracts will be seven years in length maximum, but eight years can be given to players who re-sign with their same team. The pension plan had been the focal point of the players and the actual new language of that plan still has not been finalized but nothing substantial remains to be fixed, said Ron Hainsey a defenseman from Winnipeg who participated in the negotiations.

Ray Lewis Announces Retirement Ray Lewis Announces Retirement

January 3, 2013 - Ray Lewis has been the anchor of the Baltimore Ravens defense since the franchise started and it seems impossible to imagine the team playing without him. For the past 17 seasons, Lewis has stalked opposing quarterbacks, tackled running backs, tight ends and wide receivers. He has been the inspiration of most of his teammates and has led them through the use of his emotional speeches and by example; playing some of the best defense the NFL has ever seen.

The time is quickly approaching that his days on the playing field will just be a memory. On Wednesday, the veteran linebacker made a stunning announcement that he would be retiring following the completion of this season.

Teammates of Lewis were shocked by his announcement. Terrell Suggs a fellow linebacker said he was caught off guard since he and all the other players thought Lewis would play forever. Suggs said it was sad that it was happening but amazing as well.

Lewis spoke to his teammates on Wednesday telling them that everything had a beginning and an end and that this season was the end of this career. His teammates all sat in silence after hearing the news.

Lewis has not played this season since a torn triceps muscle on October 14. He plans to return and play this Sunday in the Ravens’ first round playoff game against the Indianapolis Colts, in what will probably be the final time he plays a home game.

He said that one of the happiest moments of his life would be when he is announced on Sunday and performs his trademark dance on the way to the sidelines.

Lewis said one of the biggest reasons he decided to walk away from the game was so he could be with his sons
more often. While he was in rehab for his injury, he was able to see his two sons play together on their high school football team.

Next season one son Ray Lewis III will play at Lewis’ alma mater the University of Miami. He said his kids have sacrificed the 17 years he has played and it is time for him to give something back to them.


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