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Gary Collins Dead at 74 Gary Collins Dead at 74

October 14, 2012 – Gary Collins the actor and television host died in Biloxi, Mississippi early Saturday morning. The local office of the coroner said that Collins had died of natural causes. Less than a full day prior to his death, Collins had been admitted to a Medical Center in Biloxi. The Harrison County Coroner’s office deputy coroner said Collins had been pronounced dead at 12:58 am.

Collins starred in number of shows on television including The Sixth Sense during the 1970s. He also appeared in series such Yes, Dear, The New Hollywood Squares, The Young and Restless and JAG.

Collins is survived by Mary Ann Mobley, his wife and a former winner of the Miss American pageant. The couple lived most of the year in Mississippi. Collins at one time had been Miss American pageant’s host.

In January of 2011, Collins was accused of allegedly not paying for a $59.35 tab at a restaurant in Biloxi. In Mississippi, that is a felony and Collins was arrested at his home in Biloxi, but the charges were dropped.

In 2007, the actor and television host was sentenced to jail for four days due to a California car wreck. Police said the accident was the fault of the other driver, but Collins pleaded no contest to driving while intoxicated, which is a misdemeanor.

During the 1980s, Collins was the hosted of a number of talk shows including The Home Show and Hour Magazine.

Hostels Now Offering Accommodations for Families Hostels Now Offering Accommodations for Families

October 13, 2012 - Hostels are becoming very popular places to stay around the world. They are usually centrally located, comfortable, clean and inexpensive. Hostels have central kitchen areas where guests are able to mingle and cook their own food.

Many people today still believe the hostels are for groups of students that are traveling, backpackers or older singles. However, today more and more families, than ever before, are vacationing at a hostel.

Hostels can be found in the middle of London, where their location makes them convenient to parks and museums. There are also hostels in resort destinations like Orlando or in destinations that are exotic like Guatemala.

However, today travelers that are cost conscious and have children are finding hostels more and more attractive. As their demand is increasing, hostels are adapting their services to offer accommodations and other services to families seeking hostels.

Many of the hostels around the world have game rooms for children and lounge areas that are spacious and comfortable. Hostels also often times will organize a free city tour or a free movie night, which are both very popular amongst families.

Common kitchens make it easier to cook breakfast and supper and pack lunches for the long day of sightseeing.

There are hostels that are not recommended for families and travelers must do research in advance prior to traveling.

Uniqueness sets hostels apart from the typical hotel or resort, as no two are alike, many are local historic landmarks and often times are located in trendy or quirky areas of the city.

Subway Style Boarding might be the future for Airlines Subway Style Boarding might be the future for Airlines

October 11, 2012 – Recently self-service has become the way of life when flying. Travelers now check-in online, tag their own baggage and download their boarding passes. Passenger flying outside the U.S. are also doing one more self-service task – boarding. Airports outside the U.S. have started to install turnstiles like those found in subway systems. The passenger just needs to scan his boarding pass and they are off to board the plane, with no gate agent involved in the process.

Travelers seem to like the system as nearly 90% have said that the self-boarding systems is their favorite self-technology now being used by airlines. The information was taken from a poll of over 2,500 passengers from over 70 countries.

Many airports in both Asia and Europe have automatic gates, however in the United States it is very rare to see one. In Las Vegas, at the McCaran International Airport there is an automated gate that has been tested by JetBlue since last July. A spokesperson from JetBlue said the airline has received very positive feedback from passengers and it has helped to speed up the process of boarding. A bunching up of the line to board does not take place as it did when a gate agent was present taking boarding passes.

Gate agents remain at the gate, but only watch over the boarding process to ensure travelers do not face any problems that could keep the line from flowing. Those minor problems that occur are why the U.S. airline industry has proceeded slowly and carefully with the new technology.

Julian Assange visited by Lady Gaga at Ecuador Embassy Julian Assange visited by Lady Gaga at Ecuador Embassy

October 10, 2012 – The founder of WikiLeaks, Julian Assange was visited by Lady Gaga, the American singer at the Ecuadoran Embassy in London. Gaga was in London promoting her new perfume line. The two dined together at the Embassy.

Next door to the embassy, Gaga was at Harrods promoting her perfume, and then was seen entering the embassy dressed in black with a witch’s hat.

Assange is wanted by Swedish authorities over two alleged sex attacks against two different women and has been staying at the embassy since mid June. He asked Ecuador for asylum and the country granted him his request, but a legal battle continues as to how or if he will be able to leave England.

Gaga visited Assange for close to five hours and was seen leaving at around midnight following a meal. A spokesperson at the embassy confirmed that Lady Gaga did visit Assange.

Lady Gaga received boos from an angry group of fans when she showed up an hour late Sunday night for her launch in the UK of her Fame perfume. Many people who came to see her did not even get a chance as she hurried inside.

The legal battle over the asylum of Assange could take months to resolve. UK officials say by law they must hand over Assange to Swedish authorities. British authorities have even said by law they could enter the embassy by force if they had to, but have said they want to negotiate the handing over of Assange.

Eat all You Want, Just no Near Our Monuments Eat all You Want, Just no Near Our Monuments

October 8, 2012 - Hundreds of thousands of visitors in Rome each year sit on the Spanish Steps enjoying an afternoon gelato or other refreshment. However, starting October 1, enjoying that gelato became potentially very costly, and not because of the price of gelato.

Rome’s mayor made it illegal to enjoy junk food or snacks on, near or around any of the city’s monuments. Tourists can eat as they stroll, but if they stop with their gelato in hand or have a seat on the steps while eating a panino, they may end up being fined anywhere from $30 to $650 (25 to 500 euros).

The local police force, dressed in blue and white uniforms patrol the area looking for visitors or locals who dare to break the new eating law. They scattered a group of tourists near the Colosseum who wanted to enjoy a pizza. Police said that on one morning they had written fines for seven foreign visitors, all were charged the same amount, $65.

Police said that tourists have started to get out of hand with their eating. Some bring tablecloths and plates with forks and knives and set on the steps, while others have been seen cutting watermelons and other fruits near the Piazza Navona fountain.

Tourists seemed upset when told about the new law, as they said there are not signs saying eating is not allowed and if there are carts selling food, it would only seem logical it could be eaten in the same general area.

Local authorities do not believe many fines will be paid since the majority of people fined are foreigners.

James Bond Celebrates 50 Years James Bond Celebrates 50 Years

October 5, 2012- On Friday, fans of James Bond helped celebrate 50 years of the adventures with the British spy on the big screen with celebrations around the globe at 007 themed events. The first time Bond appeared in a film was in October 5, 1962 in Dr. No. It was the first time Bond fans heard the famous line “Bond…. James Bond,” while playing a high stakes baccarat game.

The franchise has become one of the biggest and most successful in movie history with 22 films that star Bond and earning over $5 billion. Adele, the British diva celebrated Worldwide Bond Day by releasing a clip of the latest theme song for the latest Bond movie Skyfall that is due to premiere on October 23.

The latest actor to play Bond, Daniel Craig is the sixth to play the role. However, some things have remained the same – the spy’s taste for beautiful women, vodka martinis, fast cars and high-tech gadgetry.

The core of all Bond movies from the beginning right up through Skyfall has been an obsession with violence and sex, nationalistic and hyper-masculine.

A British tourist agency joined forces with the movie franchise for just the first time in 50 years when it launched a campaign in 21 countries that is based upon the slogan “Bond is GREAT Britain.”

When the first Bond film was released, it received mixed critical reviews. One critic called Sean Connery, still the fan favorite of many, a hairy marshmallow.


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