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Woman Given Five Years for Wiring Money to Terrorists Woman Given Five Years for Wiring Money to Terrorists

March 31, 2013- A pharmacist from Orange County, California, Oytun Ayse Mihalik, received a sentence of five years after admitting to wiring over $2,000 to Pakistan that was used to fund different terrorist activities.

The Turkish national and permanent resident in the U.S. pleaded guilty in August of 2012 to a single count of giving material support to a terrorist organization. She had sent three different money orders during a three month period in 2010 and the beginning of 2011. The woman did not use her real name but rather a fake one.

Prosecutors were asking for 12 years alleging that she sent monies to an individual she had met through a site online believing it would be used to injury or kill U.S. troops. Her motivation was a desire to take part in jihad.   However, her attorneys countered by saying she did not gain motivation through radical ideology, but rather acted during a period of vulnerability as she was having marital problems since she had been having problems getting pregnant and once she did become pregnant, suffered a miscarriage.

Authorities found out about the woman after her husband called Immigration enforcement at the end of 2010 when she moved from their home for a trial separation. He alleged he married her so she could receive her green card. He said his wife came back from a trip to Turkey with a new religious fervor.

Authorities arrested Mihalik when she attempted to board a plane to return to Turkey using a one way ticket. Officials expect to deport her once she completes her sentence.

The judge gave Mihalik the sentence after taking into consideration her husband’s plea that what happened was completely not in character with his wife. He said she was dedicated to everyone in her family, to work and was peace loving.

Kim says North Korea has aimed its rockets at U.S. cities Kim says North Korea has aimed its rockets at U.S. cities

March 30, 2013- Dictator Kim Hon Un of North Korea issued his most recent threat on Friday. The young dictator gave his most specific vow to strike the mainland of the U.S. He vowed to hit cities and states including Hawaii, Austin, Texas, Los Angeles and Washington D.C.

Photos were thought to have been shot on Friday at an “emergency meeting,” appeared in Rodong, the state-run newspaper. The photos showed Kim signing a document ordering that the rockets be put on standby so they will be ready to fire on U.S. targets.

Behind the young dictator was a chart that outlined the mainland strike plan the country has and shows missile arcing through the sky on their way to the U.S. locations.

On Friday, Kim warned that he was preparing to settle the accounts with the U.S. following the deployment to South Korea by the U.S. of B-2 Stealth Bombers to participate in training exercises.

The comments for the dictator during his meeting with generals are just one part of the increasing amount of threats that heighten the dictators anger over new UN sanctions over a nuclear test recently conducted.

Later on Friday in the main square in the city of Pyongyang, thousands of people from North Korea turned up form a mass rally of 90 minutes in support of the call to arms of the president.

The military of the U.S. said two B-2 stealth bombers had been sent to South Korea, which was meant to demonstrate the willing of the Pentagon to defend allies that are threatened by North Korea.

Man wins $338 Million, Selling Deli Business Man wins $338 Million, Selling Deli Business

March 28, 2013 - No more slicing cold cuts at the deli says Pedro Quezada. The 44-year old owner of a deli won a Powerball jackpot of $338 million and quickly put up a “For Sale” sign on his store, located in New Jersey, so he can start early on enjoying his golden years.

Quezada lives in Passaic, New Jersey and has five children. He originally had thought about keeping his deli and grocery open however his fame attracted too much attention that was not wanted and he cannot stay in the public eye he told family.

Quezada told friends he was leaving because of the media. Others in his neighborhood said due to the crime in the area and the threat of something happening, Quezada should sell the store and leave the area.

Pedro’s brother Carlos said the immigrant, who is known for his hard work, is ready for easy street.

Casiano, one of Quezada’s sons told the man that cuts his hair that he was getting a new cell phone since his old cell phone number would inundated with phone calls.

Quezada has decided to receive the money in a lump sum and will therefore after having taxes deducted, walk away with just over $152 million.

However, on Wednesday, police visited Quezada’s apartment, but no one answered. Law enforcement authorities are looking for him because he allegedly owes more than $29,000 in child support.

The state’s lottery division has said that any judgments against the Quezada had to be taken care of prior to releasing the rest of the money to him.


North Korea Continues to make threats towards South Korea North Korea Continues to make threats towards South Korea

March 28, 2013- On Wednesday, North Korea stated that it cut off a military hotline with its neighbor South Korea. The key hotline allowed cross border travel to run an industrial complex jointly in North Korea. The move increases the already tense situation and puts into jeopardy the last symbol of cooperation between the two Koreas.

Recently North Korea cut a hotline of the Red Cross with South Korea and one with the U.N. command, which is led by the U.S., at the border with South Korea. However, there remains one hotline linking North and South aviation authorities.

The announcement was made on Wednesday by the chief delegate from North Korea to the inter-Korean military. The hotline was important because the two Koreas used it to communicate regarding the hundreds of employees that traveled to and from the Kaesong Industrial Complex.

Officials from South Korea said over 900 workers from their country were working at the Kaesong Complex on Wednesday. No immediate word was available about how the communication link cut would affect the return travel for the hundreds of South Koreans.

North Korea is angry because of sanctions placed on them for their nuclear test on February 12 and unleashed a number of threats, including vowing to launch a nuclear missile strike against the U.S. North Korea has also vowed to reduce Seoul to nothing but a sea of fire.

Even though North Korea has made these threats, most weapons analysts see no proof that the North has mastered technology that is needed to build a nuclear warhead that is small enough to fit on a missile.

Kaesong is located in North Korea with the majority of the workforce living in North Korea, but run with money from South Korea. The complex helps give North Korea a very important source of hard currency.

Italian Court Overturns Acquittal of Amanda Knox Italian Court Overturns Acquittal of Amanda Knox

March 26, 2013- The highest court in Italy on Tuesday overturned Amanda Knox’s acquittal in the murder of her roommate. The court ruled there had to be another trial held. Knox said the court’s decision was painful, but said she had confidence in the truth.

The court ruled that a Florence appeals court must rehear the murder case against Knox, the American student and her ex-boyfriend an Italian student for the slaying of Meredith Kercher. It is unknown what exact issues must be reconsidered and will not be known until the court releases a complete ruling within the next 90 days.

Knox is currently studying at the University of Washington. She waited until the early morning hours of Tuesday to hear the court’s decision. She released a statement following the court decision that said the decision was painful because other courts have proved it to be completely unfair and unfounded.

The body of Kercher was found inside the house she had shared with friends, including Knox, in November of 2007 in Perugia, a town known for its universities.

Prosecutors have alleged that Kercher had been a victim of a sex game that went bad that was fueled by drugs. Knox and her ex-boyfriend both said they were not in the apartment on the night of the murder, but admitted to smoking marijuana, which caused their minds to be a bit clouded.

Rudy Guede, a citizen of Ivory Coast, was tried and found guilty for the murder of Kercher in another separate case. He is currently serving 16 years in an Italian prison. Knox was originally convicted of the murder as well, but was acquitted on appeal with her co-defendant.

Chances are that the new appeal would not start until 2014 and that Knox would not return to Italy for the trial. She could be found in contempt by the court but that does not carry additional penalties.

If she is retried and found guilty, then Italy does have the right to extradite her if they so choose, said her lawyer in Italy on Tuesday.

Nine Year Old walks a Mile Looking for Help after Crash Nine Year Old walks a Mile Looking for Help after Crash

March 25, 2013 - A girl, who is just nine years of age crawled from a mangled SUV, climbed from a canyon and walked nearly a mile during the middle of the night in order to find someone to help after she survived a crash that authorities said killed her father.

The vehicle they were driving in, a 2010 Ford Escape, rolled down an embankment about 200 feet along a stretch of semi-rural highway at 1 a.m. on Sunday, the California Highway Patrol reported. The vehicle flipped a number of times while rolling down the hill.

When the vehicle came to a stop, the young girl was able to climb out of the SUV and walk to a home that was nearby over rugged terrain. However, when she arrived at the home no one answered her knocks. She then hiked back up the steep embankment the SUV had just rolled down and along the roadside. She reached a rail station where she was able to flag down a motorist who was passing around 2:30 a.m.

The CHP said the embankment was very steep with lots of brush and there was always the possibility of a coyotes being in the area.

When officers arrived, they found a man who appeared to be in his 30s who was dead. Authorities did not release his name, but officials said the man was from Los Angeles.

The girl was transported by helicopter to the Los Angeles Children’s Hospital. Medical personnel treated the girl for bumps and bruises and other minor injuries including a cut on her face.

Crews could be seen extricating the black SUV that was severely damaged.

Officials said the CHP would investigate to determine if alcohol played a part in the accident.


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