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NSA leaker remains stuck in diplomatic limbo NSA leaker remains stuck in diplomatic limbo

July 17, 2013 – As Edward Snowden’s fate hangs in the balance between asylum and extradition, the young NSA whistleblower is still playing a diplomatic limbo that spans 3 continents and at least 10 time zones. Snowden has been stranded in the diplomatic no-man’s land that is the transit area of Russia’s Sheremetyevo Airport, with his American passport revoked and no other travel documents; Snowden is effectively ‘A man without a country’.

The former hacker is wanted on charges of Espionage and leaking National Secrets and has been on the run since May 20th 2013. Snowden has applied for asylum to over 21 countries, most of which have declined to entertain his request, save for Venezuela, Ecuador and Bolivia that have shown their willingness to allow Snowden to reside in their country.

The greatest challenge for Edward Snowden however, remains leaving the Airport that for the last three weeks has been his only home and shelter.

Russia had offered to grant asylum to the former NSA employee if he would be prepared to refrain from leaking further sensitive material, a clause that Snowden rejected. According to leading journalist and one of the pioneers of this story, Glen Greenwald, Edward Snowden still has significant material on his hands that might be harmful to the interests of the USA. Greenwald, while speaking to a foreign newspaper said:

“The U.S. government should be on their knees every day praying that nothing happens to Snowden, because if something happens, all information will be revealed and that would be their worst nightmare.”

Snowden has remained out of the spotlight since arriving in Russia however; on the 12th of July he met with International Human Rights Groups in the presence of the media to reassert his right to asylum. He renewed his appeal for asylum in Russia but declared that he would rather leave than stay, indicating a request for safe passage to a third country that might be interested in taking him.

Edward Snowden also called on International groups to help ensure his safety. While speaking to the media, Snowden said that the moral decision to inform the public about the “Spying” had been a “Costly” decision but not one that he has any regrets about. Meanwhile, Washington has also been in contact with the Russians regarding this Media stint and the Russians will probably try to prevent such interaction in the coming days.

Obama Calls for calm after Zimmerman verdict Obama Calls for calm after Zimmerman verdict

July 16, 2013- US President Barack Obama gave his first opinion on Zimmerman verdict. He called for calm when the watchman Zimmerman was clearly focused on the murder of black teenager Trayvon Martin.

The president urged that Travvon’s death is a tragedy for America, but the blacks flashed out for the justice with fierce debate in the US on the racial profiling.

In Florida, The Justice department says that they are investigating whether a civil case can be taken over the verdict.

All charges on the murder cases of Martin Travvon was cleared against Mr Zimmenrman on Saturday in Sanford, Florida.
A couple of dozen of protesters came together on the Seminole County Criminal Justice Center first after the jury retired to consider its verdict. On the second day, The Justice Center saw a larger and louder group, slowly the members of the group started to grow. Almost the time, they stood chanting and staring up at the fifth floor window of the courthouse.

After a while, the window was filled with the gathering and the crowd blew their top with anger. But, the excitement was short-lived, as word of Zimmerman’s acquittal reached them-a sadness and anger filled the hot and humid summer night.

Soon after that, police and the community leaders in central Florida appealed for calm. But, the protesters again showed the contingency plans to admit in case this verdict met with a violent.

.Prosecutor’s argument was proved right against Mr.Zimmerman that Trayvon Martin was dead on 26 February 2012 that Mr. Zimmerman had racially profiled Trayvon as he walked through his neighborhood dressing up a hooded sweated shirt.
Trayvon Martin, an African-American and Mr Zimmerman is a Hispanic, but the defense argued in support of Zimmerman that he had killed Trayvon Martin in self-defense after the teenager punched their client, smashed head into the pavement and reached for Mr. Zimmerman’s gun.

In his statement, the president admitted the death of Trayvon is a tragedy, not for the specific family or community but for America. He approved the case had elicited strong passions in community but told America is a nation of laws.

Many of the US cities are facing protest Marches including San Francisco, Philadelphia, Chicago, The Capital city and Atlanta. Some protesters started fires and smashed windows in Oakland and California.

Jorge Rodriguez, a friend of Mr. Zimmerman told that it was nothing about racism, it was about the community that was being robbed and broken into and Zimmerman protested it. He argued that the state should give him (Zimmerman) an award but they took him to trial.

Cancer Protection Might Come from Naked Mole Rat Cancer Protection Might Come from Naked Mole Rat

June 22, 2013 - Researchers said a naked mole rate could hold the secret to resistance to cancer. Scientists identified a chemical they said prevents the ugly rodent from developing cancer.

The notoriously ugly animal is known to have a long lifespan. Researchers hope the gooey substance found will one day lead them to effective treatments in humans for cancer.

A professor of biology, Vera Gorbunova, from the University of Rochester was the lead author of the study. She said that many studies on cancer focus on the animals that are known to be prone to developing cancer.

Gorbunova said her research team feels it is possible to study animals that seem cancer-proof to learn how to prevent tumors.

The rodents are bald, wrinkly and have buckteeth. Their average life span is 30 years, which is decades longer than most other rodents. The naked mole rat is known to have a resistance to both pain and cancer and is able to survive underground with very little oxygen.

In the study, biologists took samples of the four mole rats cells to search for cancer resistance properties. At that time, they discovered there was a gooey substance that was clogging up their research equipment.

Since other rodents such as guinea pigs and mice and other cell cultures such as humans do not have that type of viscosity, a red flag was raised by researchers.

Testing the substance identified it as hyaluronan. To see if that was behind the mole rat’s cancer protection, the substance was removed from the cells of the rodent.

After removing it, the researchers found that the cell were prone to develop tumors, which confirmed the substance has a role in the protection against cancer.

Researchers said they now hope to test to see if the substance will protect against cancer in mice and then hope to try human cells.

Japanese Stocks continue to fall Japanese Stocks continue to fall

May 28, 2013 - The Japanese stock market is on a roller coaster ride that entered its third consecutive session on Monday as the gains by the yen hit exporters.

The Nikkei index in Japan saw a decrease of 3%, which more than erased the modest gain on Friday, which followed the biggest single session drop in over two years Thursday.

The yen increased by 0.4% on Monday versus the dollar to sit at 100.8 after dropping as low as 103 during the week last week.

Other markets in Asia were stronger and stocks in Europe, which have been lagging behind those in Japan as well as the U.S. thus far in 2013, were up on Monday. Markets in both the U.S. and UK were closed on Monday.

The Japanese government has made an aggressive push to inflate the third largest economy in the world and that has seen the value of the yen drop over 15% versus the dollar since the beginning of 2013, and helped drive up the Nikkei by more than 36% to highs of 5 years over that same period.

Japan’s central bank pledged to inject over $1.3 trillion in the country’s economy over a period of less than two years attempting to bring an end to deflation that has had a hold for 15 years and to boost growth in the country.

Until just recently, it appeared that the expansionary experiment dubbed Abenomics has appeared to have had the desired effect with GDP growth annually better than expected and the financial markets jumping. This suggests that the plan is increasing overall economic activity.

However on Thursday, the Nikkei plunged by 7.3%, which was its biggest decline for one-day in over two years and gave some investors reasons to question the effectiveness of the Abenomics policy.

Genocide Trial in Guatemalan Suspended Genocide Trial in Guatemalan Suspended

April 21, 2013 - On Friday, uncertainty reigned in the courtroom at the genocide trial of Efrain Rios Montt the former army dictator of Guatemala.

Judges in the Central American country argued over who should be the judge hearing the case, after an order was given to annul nearly 18 months of legal proceedings.

On Thursday, the trial was suspended when the presiding judge Patricia Flores, who originally was given the case, ruled that everything done since she has been recused last November was void. She cited an order sent down from the top courts in the country.

On Friday, the attorney general of Guatemala said the judge’s ruling was not legal, echoing the same view of one of the current presiding judges who requested that the country’s constitutional court make a ruling.

Rios Montt, who is 86, has been charged with crimes against humanity and genocide for his plan of counter insurgency while he ruled the country between 1982 and 1983. The plan killed 1,771 members of the indigenous group Ixil.

Many human rights supporters have called the trial a landmark in the efforts to bring to justice leaders during the bloody 36-year civil war.

Claudia Paz y Paz, the attorney general said an appeal had been lodged against the decision made by Flores. Paz y Paz told news agencies that she has never seen something such as this in any case prior to this one.

Prosecutors are worried that there is not deadline the constitutional court has to resolve the matter.

On Friday, the judge that is currently overseeing the court proceedings with two other sitting judges announced a suspension in the trial pending the Constitutional Courts ruling.

The trial has stirred powerful emotions in the country and put a harsh light on the country’s armed forces for their action taken during the armed conflict. Over 100 victims testified in the trial. They testified about being tortured, raped and watching their homes burnt to the ground during the 17 months Rios Montt was in power.

One Suspect in Boston Killed, one on the run One Suspect in Boston Killed, one on the run

April 19, 2013 - Authorities in Boston, Massachusetts killed on suspect in the Marathon bombings in a shootout in the early morning hours of Friday. Law enforcement officials are currently carrying out a citywide search for the second suspect following a night of chaos that cost one police officer his life and wounded another critically.

Police introduced the two suspects through photos and videos on Thursday night. The two are brothers and authorities said they believe they are of Chechen descent. Police said the one on the loose is 19 years old, while the one killed was 20.

Authorities said they were still unaware of the motives of the two men in Monday’s two Boston Marathon bombings. Police said they believe the suspect at large might have explosives strapped to his body and are taking extreme care in hunting for him to avoid any further loss of life.

Boston shut down all of its public transportation on Friday morning and the city as well as the suburb where the shootout occurred that killed one of the suspects, has been shut down to all vehicular traffic.

Residents in Watertown as well as other suburbs in the surrounding area including Cambridge, Waltham and Newton were told to remain in their homes.

Thousands of police officers were going home to home searching for the suspect and parts of Watertown were in the process of being evacuated.

Last night’s incident started at 10:30 pm when a campus police officer from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology responded to a call and was killed. His shooting launched a huge police response and then a reported carjacking took place. Police began to search for the car and spotted it in an area near Watertown. Gunfire was exchanged and during the firefight, police said the men threw multiple devices that exploded. It is in that firefight one of the suspects was killed and the other fled on foot.


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