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HBO Being Sued for Alleged Cover Up of Horse Deaths HBO Being Sued for Alleged Cover Up of Horse Deaths

January 4, 2013 - In March of 2012, HBO surprised many when it cancelled Luck, following the show being attacked over the alleged treatment of animals on its set. The show starred Dustin Hoffman and was a popular series on the network. Even though the show was cancelled, the saga continues. Barbara Casey filed suit against HBO and her former employer, the American Humane Associations’ television and film unit. She worked as a director of production for the AHA.

Casey said she worked for 13 years for the AHA and filed suit against them for allegedly terminating her wrongfully in January of 2012. She has also filed suit against HBO and Stewart Productions, the producer of Luck for helping to cover up the alleged abuse that took place for months before the series was cancelled.

The lawsuit, which was filed in a Los Angeles court, alleges that AHA observed underweight, sick, drugged horses that were routinely used for the show. The producers of the show allegedly misidentified the horse so that animal safety personnel could not track the horses’ medical histories any longer, said court documents.

Casey said that Stewart Productions and HBO wanted to save money and time instead of cooperating with the AHA. The production company pressured the AHA to allow it to violate animal safety standards of the organization.

No comment was released by the AHA and HBO said it took every available precaution to make sure the horses were always treated humanely and with the best of care, exceeding the safeguard of all guidelines and protocols.

The AHA allegedly did not listen to Casey’s objections and went along with the show’s producers. She is alleged to have requested law enforcement officials be contacted. In the lawsuit, Casey alleges that the AHA bowed to financial and political pressure and would not report the conduct of the producers to authorities.


Paparazzo loses his life photographing Ferrari of Justin Bieber Paparazzo loses his life photographing Ferrari of Justin Bieber

January 3, 2013 - Run ins between paparazzi and Justin Bieber have come to be commonplace, including July’s high speed chase that prompted a councilman from Los Angeles to comment that such problems between the pop start and paparazzi could end in tragedy.

On New Year’s Day, the councilman’s prediction became a reality. A photographer, who had thought he saw Bieber sitting in a white Ferrari was hit by traffic while crossing a freeway in Los Angeles to return to his car after taking photos of Bieber.

A photo at the opportune time of the 18-year old pop star could mean lots of cash for a photographer, but on this occasion, Bieber was not in the car when the incident took place.

On Tuesday evening, California Highway Patrol pulled the Bieber Ferrari over at one of Interstate 405’s off ramps. A photographer who had been parked across the highway in his own car then spotted the sports car. He crossed to get a better look at Bieber’s car and took photos of the couple inside the car. While he took photos, officers told the photographer to return to his own car.

When the man attempted to return to his car by crossing the highway, he was struck by a car. The photographer’s name has not been released.

Bieber released a statement that said while he was not at the scene or directly involved with the accident his thoughts and prayers remained with the victim’s family.

In July, paparazzi chased the pop star in two separate vehicles on the freeway. During the chase, they passed Dennis Zine a councilman from Los Angeles who said the paparazzi was making lanes changes that were unpredictable, while not using any signals and cutting of motorists.


Depardieu Opts to Remain in Belgium Depardieu Opts to Remain in Belgium

Gerard Depardieu, the French movie star has decided to remain in Belgium even though the French government ended their plans to hike taxes for the rich by 75%. The measure was axed by the French government that said it failed to take into account equality prior to public burdens.

The talented 64-year-old actor told a publication from France that the decision taken by the Constitutional Committee to end the tax hike measure did not change anything. He said he did not care about the measure.

The measures were aimed at lowering the deficit in France by placing a tax as high as 75% on citizens of France whose incomes was over 1 million euros. Depardieu, who is a multi-millionaire recently, became the most talked about exile due to taxes from France, when he said he was going to renounce his French citizenship and start calling Belgium home.

Many greeted Depardieu’s announcement with anger criticizing the actor of tax evasion and being unpatriotic. Depardieu lashed out at his critics by saying he was not looking for their approval, just their respect. He also said that many French citizens have left the country but were not insulted like he was.

He has sold his mansion in Paris that was worth 65 million euros and purchased a property in Nechin, a Belgian village. He is just one of many tax exiles from France to settle in Belgium following the tax hike announcement aimed at the rich.

The new tax was dismissed by the Constitutional Council of France on Saturday because it applied to individuals and not households and therefore was not in the best interest of equality. However, concerns over the rate being too high were not voiced by the Council. The government said they would proceed with the new law by making all necessary changes to gain Council approval.

Report: Spears to be let go as X Factor Judge Report: Spears to be let go as X Factor Judge

Because the Britney Spears did not help the X Factor this season in television ratings, the rumor is Simon Cowell will fire the talented singer after just one season as a judge on the show.

One insider told a Hollywood magazine that Britney would be fired. Producers of the show want her for the long term, but the insider said it was not working as planned. Spears signed a contract along with singer Demi Lovato amid great fanfare for the second season of the show on Fox and was paid $15 million for her time.

L.A. Reid, another judge, has already announced he would be leaving to put more focus on his responsibilities at his record label. An official at the X Factor told the insiders that Cowell has not mentioned Spears or anyone else’s future. The show spokesperson said that no one has openly discussed the judging panel for next season and any reports that say otherwise are only speculation.

However, sources said that Cowell was not happy with this season’s judging performance by Spears. Cowell wanted more outlandishness from Spears, more crazy comments, but instead, said the insider, Cowell got just a very boring Britney.   Cowell was said to be unavailable for comment on Thursday, just as new pictures of home in Barbados on the beach with Mezhgan Hussainy surfaced on the Internet.

The show is a huge hit in Britain where Cowell is from, but has been musical chairs in the U.S. since the fall of 2011 when it debuted. After the first season, Cowell fired all the judges including Steve Jones, Nicole Scherzinger and Paula Abdul.   Cowell then got out his checkbook and signed big names to sit on the panel to compete with The Voice on NBC and American Idol, which also have big celebrity singers as judges.

Durning Dies at 89 Durning Dies at 89

Charles Durning, who overcame early poverty, nagging self-doubt and battlefield trauma to become one of the most acclaimed character actors on stage, film and television died Monday in Manhattan at home. Durning was 89.

Michele Durning, his daughter confirmed that her father had died. Durning might not have been well known by name, but his imposing bulk and pugnacious features were familiar to those who watched American movies, theater and television.

In the 1973 hit The Sting, Durning place a crooked cop alongside Robert Redford and Paul Newman. He played alongside Nick Nolte in the 1970 football film North Dallas Forty. He shadowed star Robert De Niro in True Confessions in 1981.

He was not able to land leading roles as he was just “ordinary looking” but he never was type cast as he could play gentle and funny roles or combative and gruff roles. In the hit comedy Tootsie in 1982, Durning played a little of both. He was the unsuspecting father of Jessica Lange in the movie, who fell in love with a male television actor masquerading as a female.

Durning was nominated twice for Oscars and both times as a supporting actor. His first was for his role in the Best Little Whorehouse in Texas, as a slippery not so honest governor. His second came in To Be or Not to Be, the 1982 remake that starred Anne Bancroft and Mel Brooks. Durning played a Nazi colonel who lusted after beautiful woman.

Durning had many television credits from substantial parts in both TV mini-series and movies, to just guest appearances. He appeared regularly in the ‘90s sitcom Evening Shade with Burt Reynolds. He was nominated on nine occasions for an Emmy Award but never won.

Durning, besides daughter Michelle is survived by Jeanine; another daughter and Douglas: a son.


Kutcher Files Divorce Papers Kutcher Files Divorce Papers

Ashton Kutcher well known for starring in hit comedy movies and currently starring in the popular television series Two and a Half Men has filed for divorce from Demi Moore. On Friday, Kutcher filed the papers in Los Angeles following over a year of the couple being separated.

The 34-year old Kutcher cited in the papers irreconcilable differences as the reason for the divorce. Those papers were filed at the Los Angeles Superior Court and the papers said he was not seeking any spousal support or denying any support to his wife Moore. Kutcher and Moore, 50, separated in November of last year following a marriage of six years. The separation followed a woman from San Diego saying she had enjoyed a short affair with Kutcher.

According to the court documents, Laura Wasser, a high-powered divorce attorney, who handles many celebrity divorces, was hired by Kutcher. Representatives from both Moore and Kutcher refused to comment on the filing.

Kutcher started dating Moore just a short time after she split from Bruce Willis her former husband, while Kutcher was starring on “That ‘70s Show” a sitcom on television. The tabloids picked up on their relationship and filled their pages weekly due to the age gap of 16 years. The two were married in September of 2005 in a ceremony held in Los Angeles.

When the couple split last year, Moore said in a prepared statement that it was with a heavy heart and great sadness that she decided to end her marriage of six year with Ashton.

Kutcher has been dating Mila Kunis his former cast mate on the sitcom “That ‘70s Show.”


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