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Bolshoi Director suffers Acid Attack Bolshoi Director suffers Acid Attack

January 18, 2013- Russia’s Bolshoi Ballet director suffered severe burns on his face when someone threw acid at him. The local media as well as police said on Friday that the attack on the head of the prestigious group was part of a campaign of intimidation.

Sergei Filin, the artistic director of the troupe was attacked while outside his apartment complex on Thursday night, said his colleagues and police. A Russian news agency said a medical source had described the director’s condition as being stable, at a local hospital.

Sources close to the situation said that doctors were attempting to save Filin’s eyesight. The theater is located in the center of Moscow and is an enduring symbol Russia’s culture and a huge draw for locals and foreigners alike. However, power struggles have taken place among directors and dancers over its 200-year history.

Anatoly Iskanov, the head of the troupe said he is certain the goal of the attack was to sow discord at the theater and that the ones behind the attack are those who would benefit from the theater leadership being compromised.

Iksanov said that Filin, who is 42, told him other incidents had taken place this month such as someone slashing his tires and hacking his email. Natalya, Filin’s mother, said he was threatened, but she was not aware of who was behind the acid attack. She said the important thing was her son’s health and that he does not lose his eyesight.

Police in Moscow said an attacker, who was still not identified, splashed acid in the face of Filin.

One radio station in Moscow reported that Filin had suffered third degree burns. Doctors told sources that it could take up to six months for Filin to fully recover. Filin is a native of Moscow, joined the troupe back in 1988 and became the artistic leader of the ballet in March of 2011, following three years in another theater in Moscow doing the same thing.

Sofia Vergara Admits Being Nervous over Sex Scene Sofia Vergara Admits Being Nervous over Sex Scene

January 16, 2013 - Sofia Vergara, a nominee for a Golden Globe award, may be most recognized as Gloria on the smash hit Modern Family. However, the Colombian actress took on a very different role from her comedic character, when she acted in Fading Gigolo, the latest John Turturro film.

Vergara said she was very nervous about a sex-scene that included a threesome. The scene included her co-star Sharon Stone. Vergara said that Stone helped her tremendously in the scene and gave her a number of tips and told her many secrets about how to handle such a scene.

Stone has been considered by many as a diva, but Vergara only was full of praise for the veteran actress. She said the experience of acting with Stone was amazing even though she had been nervous about working with such an icon. Vergara added that she had not met Stone prior to the filming of the movie, but she said when they met she realized what a real star Stone was.

Not only is the acting career of Vergara heating up, but also so is her personal life. Over the New Year’s holiday, Vergara had a wild celebration with her fiancé, but the couple still has not set an exact date for a wedding.

Her character in Modern Family had become a mom and that has put babies on her mind. Vergara said she is getting used to the babies on the set since sometimes they scream and the scene cannot be finished. She described it as a love hate relationship.

The native Colombian also appears in a new ad for Diet Pepsi. She admitted that the filming of this ad was different from what she filmed back in the late 1980s for a cola company in Colombia. She said when she was just 17 she only wore a bikini in the ad, but now 23 years later everything in the wardrobe is nipped and tucked and takes so long to prepare.


Clinton Surprises Many at Golden Globes Clinton Surprises Many at Golden Globes

January 15, 2013 - President Bill Clinton surprised an audience full of Hollywood stars when he appeared on stage to present Lincoln, one of the films that was vying for Best Drama Picture at the Golden Globe Awards. Clinton was appearing on the Golden Globes, but was hoping to be heard by the Academy Awards’ voters who will soon be voting for the Oscars.

It was a surprise for most that Clinton was on stage, but not for those who know Steven Spielberg, the director of Lincoln. Spielberg and Clinton have had a long relationship. In Little Rock, Arkansas where the Clinton Presidential Center is located, there is a Norman Rockwell painting of New York Harbor’s Statue of Liberty, which Spielberg gave as a gift to Clinton and during Clinton’s presidency it hung in his Oval Office.

Following Clinton’s short stay on stage Amy Poehler reappeared on stage and told the audience the person who just appeared had been Hillary Clinton’s husband. Tina Fey then added that it was Bill Rodham Clinton. Both remarks received laughter and applause.

No details were discussed by DreamWorks officials when asked about the arrangements that were necessary for Clinton to appear. Officials would only say that Clinton arrived by plane around 5 p.m. and was there as the show began. Clinton also came to attend another charity event.

Rupert Murdoch, the media icon, who attended the awards show with his wife, did not seem wowed by the former president’s appearance. Murdoch said Spielberg wanted to win so bad he called in all of his favors and flew Clinton in to appear.

When asked after the awards show how he arranged for Clinton to appear, Spielberg sidestepped the question by saying you will have to refer to the Hollywood Foreign Press for that.

The HFP Association cast ballots over a week ago for the show therefore Clinton’s appearance did not influence the outcome of the voting. Lincoln did not win the best drama trophy that went to Argo, directed by Ben Affleck.

Spears Ends Relationship with Fiancé Spears Ends Relationship with Fiancé

January 14, 2013 - Singer and former X Factor judge Britney Spears has ended her engagement to Jason Trawick, who was once her agent. The pop star, who is 31, broke off the relationship this week, said Jeff Raymond her publicist. Raymond said the two are mature adults and came to the decision to head in separate directions even though it was difficult. He said Spears and Trawick would remain friends.

Spears said, in prepared statement her publicist released that she and Jason had decided to end their engagement and terminate their relationship. The statement continued on to say that she will always adore Jason and the two will be great friends always.

Trawick, in his own prepared statement, said as this particular chapter ends, a new one will begin. He added he loves and cherishes Britney and her sons that they would remain close forever.

The two started a romantic relationship in 2009 and in December of 2011, on his 40th birthday, Trawick asked Spears to marry him.

In April of 2011, Spears requested that Trawick become her co-conservator over all her personal affairs. Her father, Jamie Spears is also her co-conservator. Spears has been under supervision of the court since February of 2008.

The court appoints a conservator when someone is not capable of handling his or her personal matters in order to take control over all person matters from medical care to finances.

Her father, Jamie, said his daughter was the one who wanted Trawick to become a co-conservator to indicate their relationship was strong. However, just recently Trawick resigned from that particular role in Spears’ life.

Over the last few months, the relationship has had problems. One source said Spears believed part of the problem was that she felt her “man” was also her babysitter.

Bieber’s Fans Slit Wrists to make him stop Smoking Marijuana Bieber’s Fans Slit Wrists to make him stop Smoking Marijuana

January 09, 2013-  The campaign to stop Justin Bieber from smoking pot started out as just a prank but quickly turned very real. The rabid fans of singer Justin Bieber made waves recently when a social media movement urged the singer’s fans to slit their wrists so he the singer would stop smoking marijuana.

The movement went viral and was started after a series of photos of Bieber surfaced with him smoking pot while in California, where the recreational use of the drug is illegal.

The movement has had many supporters who have been sincerely dismayed at Bieber’s typical behavior as a celebrity. However, the movement started as just a prank on the site imageboard 4chan, which is notorious for starting many memes and cyber attacks against certain groups that upset them.

On the blackboard of the site, one anonymous person called for a campaign to cut yourself for Justin. The post went on saying that community members should tweet photos of people cutting their wrists claiming it was done because the singer was smoking pot.

The disgusting outrageous pranks worked. Though at first the bloody posts of wrists being cut were all part of the original prank, it seems many of Bieber’s fans gave their most sincere support and sent legitimate photos of them doing themselves harm.

The trend quickly became worldwide, with many of the entertainer’s fans pressured into doing what they and others perceived as a real movement by his fan base. The topic was taken down and many of the most gruesome tweets were removed.

This latest incident seems to have been inspired by a campaign previously that was directed towards pranking the loyal fans of Bieber to shave their hair by reporting falsely that the pop singer was suffering from cancer.


Texas Chainsaw Surprising Box Office Winner Texas Chainsaw Surprising Box Office Winner

January 07, 2013 - This weekend the return of the Texas Chainsaw franchise successfully sliced up its rivals to win the weekend race for most receipts. The latest of the bloody saw-them up movies was able to earn over $23 million. Texas Chainsaw 3D was able to out sell Django Unchained the new western by Quentin Tarantino. Django finished second in the weekend race with sales of $20 million. The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey was third for the weekend with a take of $17.5 million.

Heading into this past weekend, forecasters at the box office did not believe that the 40-year-old film’s revival had sufficient buzz to end up on top of the box office list. January is often times a slow period for films following the holidays and because of all of the movie releases that take place prior to the first of the year.

Lions Gate, the studio behind the Texas Chainsaw franchise took part in a social media campaign to promote the movie. The marketing program aimed at the horror fan base, which includes mostly young males and females. They also ran advertising during the zombie hit on AMC TV The Walking Dead.

Lions Gate executives said that the take for the weekend was more than what they expected. Over $20 million was spent by Lions Gates in promoting the movies, which Millennium Films produced.

The latest movie has revived a franchise that first started 39 years ago in 1974, with Leatherface its serial killer. There have been seven movies from the franchise since that time that have earned $175 million in the North American market, with an international take of over $416 million.

The latest edition of the franchise follows a woman who recently inherited a home in Texas. The story started where the last edition ended and included some cameo appearances by original stars of the films.

No other film was released nationwide this past weekend besides Texas Chainsaw. The Hobbit increased its overall domestic earnings to $263 million since it debuted on December 14. Django Unchained, which debuted Christmas Day, upped its take to $106 million.


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