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Chris Brown Allegedly Falsified His Community Service Chris Brown Allegedly Falsified His Community Service

February 06, 2013 - Singer Chris Brown has a big problem with his prosecutor, four years following his attack on Rihanna. Brown was given an unusual deal by prosecutors following his plea to assaulting his, at the time, girlfriend. The plea deal gave him the opportunity to complete his community service that was ordered by the court, in Virginia under the supervision of Bryan Norwood, the Police Chief of Richmond, Virginia.

On Tuesday, the district attorney of Los Angeles alleged that Brown’s mother was the one who supervised the majority of his community service and investigators were able to find evidence that it was never completed.

Brown’s paperwork he submitted to show the completed 180 days of work was called by the DA, sloppy documentation at best and fraudulent reporting at worst. Brown was not even in Richmond for some of the days he reported that he worked.

The motion the DA made on Tuesday also claimed that Brown violated his probation when he punched Frank Ocean at a recording studio in Hollywood last month. At the time, Brown threatened to bust up or shoot Ocean. Police are investigating the fight, said the motion.

Also mentioned in the motion was an alleged chair throwing incident during an interview on Good Morning America and an incident where he allegedly stole a cell phone of a fan.

In addition, the DA claims Brown’s prescription for medical marijuana, which was used to defend him for a failed drug test, was not valid since the acupuncturist who gave him the prescription does not have a license to prescribe drugs, said Tuesday’s motion.

Mark Geragos, Brown’s lawyer disputed the DA’s charges, saying there were a minimum of six officials in Virginia that told investigators in Los Angeles that Brown had performed his community work.

Beyonce Thrills Millions during the Super Bowl Halftime Show Beyonce Thrills Millions during the Super Bowl Halftime Show

February 04, 2013 - Some say that Beyonce was so good performing at the halftime show during Super Bowl XLVII that she caused a power outage. Millions of people watched the incredible singing and dancing display she put on during the show.

During the electrifying show, over 5.5 million tweets were sent out praising her. The performance of the 31-year old singer attracted the high praise of her peers as well as from superstars of stage and screen who posted rave reviews on the social media site.

Many joked during the third quarter of the game that the 36-minute power outage was thanks in part to her electrifying act that drew the awe of not only her fans, but also football and entertainment fans worldwide.

Fans were also delighted to see the reunion of Destiny’s Child when Kelly Rowland and Michelle Williams were propelled onto the stage during Beyonce’s set to perform some hit tracks from the band.

Kim Kardashian, the model and reality TV star has spent a great deal of time with Beyonce lately because of her boyfriend Kanye West. She posted that Beyonce had killed it and she added that her life was made when Destiny’s Child appeared.

Alicia Keys performed one of the longest renditions of the Star-Spangled Banner on the piano before the start of the game.

Surprising for many Lady Gaga and Justin Bieber, two singers with over 30 million followers each on Twitter, failed to make any comments about the halftime entertainment.

Not to be overshadowed by the halftime performance by Beyonce, the participants in the Super Bowl; the San Francisco 49ers and the Baltimore Ravens gave the capacity crowd of 71,000 and the one hundred million plus television viewers a great game that was not decided until the last minute. Baltimore won their second Super Bowl 34-31.

Nabors Marries Partner in Seattle Nabors Marries Partner in Seattle

January 31, 2013 - Jim Nabors, the veteran actor who is best known for his television role of Gomer Pyle during the 1960s, married his male partner of nearly 40 years. The two were married in Seattle after traveling from their home in Honolulu. Last month, same-sex marriage became legal in the state of Washington.

Nabors met Stan Cadwallader in 1975 in Honolulu when Cadwallader was a firefighter. Nabors, who is 82, and Cadwallader, 64, have been together since.

Nabors told reporters he was never ashamed of his lifestyle, but it was very personal to him and he just never told anyone about it. He said he was very pleased to have a partner for the past 38 years and that he is just very happy.

The veteran actor said he always was open to friends and co-workers about his homosexuality but did not acknowledge it to anyone in the media prior to now. He also said he was not interested in getting involved with the issue in a political way.

He described himself as not being a debater and since everyone has their own personal opinion it is their right to feel they way they wish.

When Nabors became a member of the cast of The Andy Griffith Show in 1963 he was an instant success. His character, Gomer Pyle, was a lovable, unworldly gas station attendant who used the phrase Golllll-ly. He became so popular in the role, that he starred in his own CBS show in 1964 Gomer Pyle, U.S.M.C.

That show was on CBS for five seasons and depicted Nabors as a Marine recruit who leaves Mayberry his hometown and is confronted at boot camp by a tough sergeant played by Frank Sutton.

Ross Safe after Drive-by Shooting Ross Safe after Drive-by Shooting

January 29, 2013- Rapper Rick Ross was reported to be safe after an unknown gunman fired on the rapper’s car and a nearby well-known Fort Lauderdale, Florida restaurant. Ross had been at the restaurant celebrating his birthday.

Ross was in his Rolls Royce Monday morning when it was fired upon. The shooting occurred at approximately 5 a.m. when the rapper was exiting the Floridian Diner after his 37th birthday celebration had ended.

Witnesses said they heard a high-powered rifle. The spray of bullets did not hit the car, but Ross crashed into a nearby apartment building attempting to flee the shooting. Both Ross and a passenger, Shateria Moragne-el were not injured in the shooting. Police said the gunman had fled the scene before they arrived. Ross has not publically commented on the shooting, though he did speak to authorities about it.

Ross’ real name is William Roberts II and gave himself the rap moniker from Freeway Rick Ross, who lost a suit over trying to stop Ross from using his name. The rapper was a corrections officer during the 1990s, but today projects himself as a street hustler. About a year ago, a person who had been living in Ross’ home was killed outside the home in Miami.

In December of last year, Ross made an announcement that Maybach Music Group, his company was cancelling a number of concerts due to bad communication and organization on the tour promoter’s part. Gossip sites have claimed the promoter was not involved in the cancellations and that Ross cancelled them because he was threatened by a gang.

Ross said he just wanted to be nominated for and win Grammys and not be involved with gangsters. His most recent album title God Forgives, I Don’t has been nominated for a Grammy for best rap album. In the U.S., it topped the charts in 2012.

Blood Brothers and Fruitvale take top honors at Sundance Festival Blood Brothers and Fruitvale take top honors at Sundance Festival

January 27, 2013- Blood Brothers, a documentary and Fruitvale, a drama film won the Sundance Film Festival’s top awards on Saturday. Michael B. Jordan and Octavia Spencer star in Fruitvale and the movie was directed by Ryan Coogler a first time director at the age of 26. The movie won the U.S. audience and drama jury awards for its social and moral urgency.

The movie depicts the true story of Oscar Grant a 22 year old who was killed in 2008 on New Year’s Eve by police from Oakland, California. His death sparked numerous riots against what protesters called police brutality. The distribution rights for the film were purchased by The Weinstein Company movie studio.

Coogler, during his acceptance speech, said the film profoundly impacted the audience that watched it. He said the award was dedicated to his hometown in the Bay Area where Oscar Grant lived, breathed, slept, had fun, loved and was with us only 22 years.   Blood Brothers was awarded the U.S. documentary prize by David Guggenheim the Oscar Award winning documentarian. Guggenheim said the movie shock everyone to the core who was on the voting panel.

The documentary is about a man from the U.S. who relocated to Africa to work with children who have HIV in an orphanage. Through his daily work, the suffering children are given a voice.

Steve Hoover the director said it is so encouraging to see the lives of the children remembered because before they just died and were forgotten.

Shailene Woodley who was praised for her role in The Descendants last year and Miles Teller her co-star won the Special Jury prize for The Spectacular Now.

The Sundance Film Festival held each year awards top independent movies that are made outside the major studios of Hollywood. This year the festival was hosted by Joseph Gordon-Levitt and he said the community of Sundance was made up of regular people, filmmakers and lovers of film who believe that together there is more to a movie than glamour, glitz, the box office and money.


Winner Dies at 77 Winner Dies at 77

January 23, 2013 - Death Wish director Michael Winner has died at 77. The flamboyant British director of many films was best known for the series of Death Wish movies he directed during the ’70 and ‘80s. Winner died on Monday at his London home. Geraldine, his wife, announced that Winner had died in a prepared statement the family released to the media.

Recently Winner reinvented himself into a restaurant critic for the Sunday Times in London. Last summer it was revealed that Winner was suffering from liver and heart problems and he was given 18 months to live by his doctors.

Winner worked in the movie industry for 40 years and directed over 30 feature films, which included the very successful Charles Bronson Death Wish movies. Bronson starred as a vigilante who avenged the murders of his family.

Winner also worked with some of Hollywood’s biggest stars including Robert Mitchum, Marlon Brando, and the ever-popular Faye Dunaway. However, the success he earned was overshadowed by a divisive image he carried in his homeland as being a bon viveur, who never worried about hiding his wealth.

In his obituary in one London daily, he was described as flamboyant, yet boorish and his own worst enemy. Winner was born in 1935 in London and at 14 was writing an entertainment column. He studied at Cambridge and in 1956 entered the movie world full time starting with short films and documentaries.

Winner focused during the 1960s on comedies and worked with Oliver Reed in two successful ones. In the ‘70s, he moved to crime movies with The Mechanic and the Death Wish series.

The original Death Wish movie proved to be controversial because of the urban violence it portrayed, but Winner defended it anyway since he knew that movie is what he would be remembered for.


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