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Die Hard Takes Top Spot on Valentines Weekend Die Hard Takes Top Spot on Valentines Weekend

February 18, 2013 - The latest action film starring Bruce Willis was able to win over moviegoer hearts this Valentine’s weekend as A Good Day to Die Hard, the latest version of the Die Hard franchise took the top spot at the box office in its debut weekend.

The fifth installment of Die Hard took in over $25 million during the three days from Friday through Sunday. The opening was lower than many analysts had expected, the movie became the movie of choice by beating out Identity Thief, the comedy starring Melissa McCarthy, which took in over $23.4 million during its second weekend of release.

Die Hard is not the typical couples flick, but debuted on Valentine’s Day and was able to carry over momentum to the weekend escaping the fate of other similar films this year. The Last Stand starring Arnold Schwarzenegger, the Bullet to the Head starring Sylvester Stallone and Parker starring Jason Statham all flopped this year at the box office.

The producers of Die Hard know that women love the John McClane character played by Willis in the movie, as he is an action hero that comes as close to crossing genders as any of them. He fights to save his family and is emotional. Because of that, the producers felt it was a great opportunity to debut the movie on Thursday to get an extra day due to it being Valentine’s Day.

The latest adaptation of a Nicholas Sparks novel, Safe Haven, was third with a take of $21.4 million, which was much higher than most estimates by movie industry analysts. Fourth place went to Escape from Planet Earth an animated 3-D film that took in $16 million in its debut beating out estimates by more than $3 million. The top five was rounded out by Warm Bodies, a zombie comedy that earned $9 million for the weekend.

Kardishian Divorce from Humphries to be heard in May Kardishian Divorce from Humphries to be heard in May

February 16, 2013 - Only two months prior to Kim Kardashian’s scheduled due date for her first baby, the television reality star will be set to hear the decision of her divorce from NBA basketball player Kris Humphries. The divorce heads to trial in May, said the presiding judge in the case.

The trial date was set for May 6 on Friday, could take as long as five days to complete and could make public many issues about the Kardashians.

The judge would not delay the divorce case as fire fighters, police officers and other professionals have to be out of work for their trials therefore Humphries, the NBA star, will have to miss his work as well if necessary.

Humphries attorney had requested that the case be delayed until the basketball season had ended. Humphries was married to the reality TV star for just 72 days before Kim filed to get a divorce. Humphries has asked that the union be annulled based on his claim that Kim wanted to get married only for the TV show.

Judge Scott Gordon of Superior Court refused the requested delay by Humphries legal counsel. Attorney Michael Waller was still in the court on Friday representing Humphries even though he filed papers to withdraw as Humphries legal counsel. Waller also would not answer questions about whether he would remain as Humphries lawyer, following the hearing.

Waller has been trying to obtain more than 13,000 hours of the reality TV show of the Kardashians. The footage, says Waller, will back up their claims that the marriage was a fraud. However, Waller admitted they still did not have an agreement in place to obtain the footage.

Laura Wasser who represents Kim said they were prepared to go to trial and want to get this case dispensed of by the quickest means possible. Kris has already given a deposition in the case as well as Kanye West, the current boyfriend of Kim and Kris Jenner her mother and manager.

Kardashian and West Create Security Problems at New York airport Kardashian and West Create Security Problems at New York airport

February 14, 2013 - Reality TV star Kim Kardashian and her boyfriend rapper Kanye West were able to bypass a security checkpoint to catch their connecting flight back to LAX. The Transportation Security Administration is investigating how they were able to bypass the checkpoint.

The couple caused a big security scare after an awestruck employee helped the couple bypass the checkpoint to reach their flight quicker. The couple has been dubbed Kimye and was returning from a trip to Brazil. After passing through customs they were transferring to a Los Angeles bound flight when an employee from American Airlines helped the pair slip past the screening area, said a spokesperson from the TSA.

When the TSA became aware of the incident, they pulled the power couple from Hollywood off the plane and made them pass through the checkpoint they had missed. TSA said that the employee had escorted the two through an area that was not open to the public to provide expedited access to their flight.

However, the spokesperson said that by allowing them to bypass the checkpoint the employee of American Airlines had violated the protocols of security.

Because of the incident the flight did not leave John F. Kennedy International Airport on time. The hour long delay was due to the television socialite and model and her rapper boyfriend going through a private security check, which was a great inconvenience to the two of them just as it is for every normal airline passenger around the country.

TSA officials said the couple should not be blamed for the security breach or the delay caused by them getting a private security screening.

Frank Ocean Wins Round Two against Chris Brown Frank Ocean Wins Round Two against Chris Brown

February 12, 2013 - Channel Orange, Frank Ocean’s Album edged out Fortune, the album by Chris Brown for the Urban Contemporary Album Grammy on Sunday night. That win was a victory for Ocean in his head to head battle with Brown, which started a few weeks ago with an altercation in a recording studio parking lot.

The crowd at the Grammys gave Ocean a standing ovation as he walked to the podium to accept his Grammy, with the exception of Brown, who was in the front row and in the center of the television screen sitting down.

He was the only celebrity visible that remained sitting while Ocean was walking on stage. Adele, the talented British singer, who was sitting near Brown glanced over at Brown and looked surprised to see him still sitting.

Twitter users did not appreciate Brown’s actions and called him a sore loser and classless for not recognizing the win by Ocean just like everyone else had. One person wrote that Brown was the only person in the room that did not stand for Ocean. Another viewer tweeted that Brown had ho class and was disgusting.

Brown however, did stand up and congratulate Rihanna, his girlfriend once again, on her tribute performance to Bob Marley later on during the show.

Though Brown did not acknowledge Ocean’s win, the music industry openly applauded the artist for his courage and lyrical genius. Ocean once confessed that he had loved a man, challenging the at times homophonic culture that surrounds the urban music world.

Ocean posted a video that called for peace between Brown and him over their feud. He also said he would not press charges for what took place in the parking lot.

Since the altercation, Brown has called himself the victim for the negative press he constantly gets over his life. However, he has had numerous run ins with the law and that tends to help increase negative press.

Brown Crashes Day before the Grammys Brown Crashes Day before the Grammys

February 10, 2013 - Chris Brown, the embattled R&B singer, crashed into a wall with his car on Saturday in Beverly Hills, California. He later spoke to police telling them he had been trying to elude paparazzi when he crashed.

Brown’s crash came just one night before the Grammy Awards, almost four years to the day that Brown assaulted singer Rihanna, his girlfriend at the time, on the eve of the awards in 2009.

After the latest incident, the singer told police in Beverly Hills that paparazzi had been chasing him prior to the crash, said a police spokesperson.

Police did not cite or arrest Brown at the crash scene, said police. The police also believe the vehicle might have been towed. Reports by different media agencies said that Brown had been driving a Porsche.

One of Brown’s representatives said Brown was not injured during the crash but would not have any further contact regarding the incident at this time.

In 2009, Brown pled guilty to punching and beating Rihanna and from that same case, faces legal troubles with prosecutors. A judge in Los Angeles on Wednesday ordered a new report over the community service the singer had to perform as part of his conviction. Prosecutors have accused Brown of not performing all the service work that was required of him.

Prosecutors said there were a number of occasions when Brown said he was working at a particular location for community service work, but instead had been traveling or performing. One time he was supposedly doing community work in Virginia and prosecutors said he was actually on a private jet on his way to Cancun, Mexico.

Rihanna was with Brown on Wednesday when he appeared in court and has said she is dating the singer once again. Mark Geragos, Brown’s attorney denied the latest allegations made by the prosecutor’s office about Brown’s community service work. He also accused the prosecutors of trying to persecute his client.

Willis against Gun Control Willis against Gun Control

February 07, 2013 - Actor Bruce Willis said he is against the new laws that President Obama is proposing over gun control. He says they could infringe on the Second Amendment rights of people in the U.S. The star of the former hit television series Moonlighting and the action movie franchise Die Hard, dismisses the link people real life violence with guns and Hollywood shootouts.

Willis says that the government cannot pick apart the Bill of Rights without thinking it will eventually all become undone. He told reporters during a recent interview, while he was promoting A Good Day to Die Hard, his latest movie, if they change one of the laws or take one of them out, then why not take all the rights away from the public.

The latest movie by Willis is his fifth version of John McClane the wisecracking police officer. The movie is due to be in theaters on February 14. This year is the 25th anniversary of the action packed franchise and the 57-year old will also appear in the sequels of G.I. Joe: Retaliation as well as Red 2, in which he plays the good guy in both. Both of those sequels are due out prior to the end of the year.

Willis said the real topic becomes diminished when people link entertainment from Hollywood with the mass shootings that have become high profile over the past year in Colorado and Connecticut. He said no one commits a crime like that because he or she watched a movie. There is not anything to support that theory, said Willis. He said Hollywood is not producing movies about people going berserk. He said movies like that would not last long.

The actor also added that new legislation would not prevent future shootings like the one in Newtown, Connecticut and Aurora, Colorado.

He said he felt bad for the families in those shootings as he is a father and the situation is very tragic. However, he does not know how it is possible to legislate insanity. What is there that can be done about it, asked Willis?


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