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San Francisco Gets a Star War Museum San Francisco Gets a Star War Museum

March 10, 2013- USA, San Francisco – The director, producer and author of the “Star War” movies, George Lucas, revealed that he wants to build a theme museum in San Francisco so he could share his collections of photos, illustrations and digital arts with so many people who are interested to see them.

As Lucas said it for CBS channel, the main idea for creating such museum is to inspire new generations and to make fantasies more realistic, whish is the basic idea of “Star Wars” in the first place.

That kind of museum would have 5 galleries; its size would go from 420 to 789 square meters, cinema would have 200 seats and there would be a special conference room, consisting of 75 seats. That kind of room could also serve conveniently for lectures about science fiction and fantasy.

His enthusiasm for the museum is so huge that he says that finances are not a problem. Namely, Lucas is ready to invest 300 million dollars of his own money just to see the museum functioning.

“At this scale, there’s nothing that has ever been done like this,” he said in a recent interview for the San Francisco Chronicle.

One would think that after so many movies and series George Lucas has fulfilled his childhood dreams to create. But it seems that he is now even more eager to pass his passion for fantasy than he has been ever before. It seems that his idea to illustrate which started when he was just a little boy is just getting bigger and bigger.
“As a popular artist, I hit the same chord with people that Rockwell hit, that Michelangelo hit, that the people who painted on caves in France hit,” Lucas said. “I relate to art more as an emotional experience than as an intellectual experience.”

Lucas does not stop there! He really believes in his new project, so much that he wants to establish a fund by which the Lucas Cultural Arts Museum would receive 400 million dollars immediately after its opening and another 400 million after his death.

Lucas’ proposal was one of 16 bids to create a cultural institution in a former commissary at the San Francisco Presidio. The fact that famous George Lucas is interested in this building made many other investors bid for the privilege to be the first one who helped in funding such innovative and creative museum.

“We all know that George Lucas is a creative genius, and we’re very pleased that he’s one of the contenders,” said Craig Middleton, executive director of the Presidio Trust.

He also said that all the bids will be considered and displayed for public debate and the final decision will be brought in April.

One very interesting fact for the “Star War” fans is that Lucas announced that he is in negotiation about the 7th sequence of the movie with actors who already played in the previous movies Harrison Ford, Carrie Fisher, Mark Hamill. Are they going to accept the offer and allow us to enjoy another “Star War” as we know it, it is left to see.

Judd Expected to run for McConnell Seat in Senate Judd Expected to run for McConnell Seat in Senate

March 10, 2013- Actress Ashley Judd, yet to announce officially her aspirations politically, nevertheless is expected to challenge for the Kentucky Senate seat in 2014 that is currently occupied by Mitch McConnell the Minority Leader in the Senate.

A source who is said to have intimate knowledge of the situation said that in Judd’s mind she is going to run for the seat. The insider said Judd has started to devout herself to other causes she has deemed important and stepped back from the spotlight in Hollywood.

Judd, who is 44, reportedly has been having meetings with Democratic donors who are well financed. Last week she was in Washington for some public engagements.

Many members of the Democratic Party feel that with the approval ratings of McConnell being so low he is vulnerable to being challenged making it is a good time to race against him even though Kentucky tends to lead right.

Kentucky is not as conservative as many of its neighbors and the Kentucky voters might feel it is time to send a message that they feel unfairly represented.

Some feel that Judd will help the Democrats with her name recognition, which will help with voters and donors.

However, the flipside is that voters in Kentucky might just laugh her off as another Hollywood star who thinks she knows something about politics and cause an embarrassment to the Democrats.

A political advisor in Washington said Judd would help the Democrats because she would add issues that currently are confronting the American public, especially women. Judd was raised in a single mother household and due to her hard work and great sacrifice, she was able to attend college and have a successful professional career. Because of that and her ability to raise funds, Judd could give McConnell strong competition for the Senate seat.

Demi Moore asking Kutcher for Alimony Demi Moore asking Kutcher for Alimony

March 08, 2013 – Demi Moore, the Hollywood actress, filed her own set of divorce papers on Thursday in a Los Angeles court. Her papers are seeking alimony from Ashton Kutcher her estranged husband. Kutcher is currently starring in Two and a half Men the hit television comedy on CBS. He originally filed for divorce from Moore back in December of 2012 after the couple had been separated for over a year.

Moore’s court documents requesting that Kutcher give her financial support is very unusual move for the veteran actress, who is 50. During the height of her career in the 1990s, Moore was one of the highest earning female actors in Hollywood. Her filing in court on Thursday did not specify the amount of alimony she was seeking.

Moore and Kutcher both stated in their individual divorce papers that irreconcilable difference were the cause of the divorce. In the December filing of Kutcher, the 35-year old actor said he was not seeking any financial support from Moore and would not deny Moore financial support.

Forbes magazine estimated that Kutcher earned more than $24 million between May of 2011 and May of 2012, which made him the highest paid television actor in the country. Representatives from Kutcher and his estranged wife Moore would not comment on the Thursday filing by Moore in Los Angeles.

Moore first started dating Kutcher only a couple years after splitting from Bruce Willis her husband. At the time, Kutcher was a star on That ‘70s Show a television sitcom. Tabloids had a field day over their relationship because of the age gap of 16 years. The two were married in Los Angeles in September of 2005.

Following six years of marriage, the two separated in November of 2011, after a woman from San Diego alleged that she and Kutcher had had a brief affair.

Currently Kutcher is dating Mila Kunis his former co-star on That ‘70s Show.

Judge Says no to dismissing charges against Lindsay Lohan Judge Says no to dismissing charges against Lindsay Lohan

March 02, 2013 - On Friday, a judge in Los Angeles refused to drop the obstruction and reckless driving case against Lindsay Lohan, the much-maligned actress. The judge said the actress would face trial in late March over the car crash that took place in 2012.

Lohan, who is just 26, is facing charges of reckless driving, obstructing justice and lying to the police, which are all misdemeanors. The charges stem from when her Porsche sports car crashed into another vehicle June 8 of 2012 in the city of Santa Monica, California.

Lohan has found herself in trouble with the law off and on since 2007. She was placed on probation for a theft that she pleaded no contest to and had that probation revoked at one time.

She told the police at the June 2012 accident that she had not been driving her Porsche when the accident took place. She pleaded not guilty in court to the charges.

On Friday during a brief court hearing, Judge James Dabney of the Superior Court of Los Angeles rejected a defense argument that the actress was questioned unlawfully by the police after the car crash took place last June.

Lohan’s lawyer’s request that the trial be delayed until the beginning of April was also denied by the judge. Lohan was not present for the hearing but will have to stand trial on March 18 as scheduled, ruled Dabney.

If the actress is found guilty, she could face between three months and a year behind bars for each of the three charges against her. Although it is unlikely, she would be sentenced to prison in this case. The actress also could face jail if it is determined that she violated her probation terms.

Earlier in the week, Lohan’s lawyer told news reporters that his client had began another new psychotherapy session and wanted to start giving inspirational talks to schoolchildren in an attempt to turn around her life.

Snitch has its Flaws Snitch has its Flaws

February 22, 2013 - Snitch is the last feature film of Dwayne “the Rock” Johnson. The former wrestler plays a super buff, oversized owner of a successful construction supply company in the heartland of the U.S. In the movie, Johnson’s character is divorced and has a teenage son played by Rafi Gavron. His son does not have a good relationship with Johnson and has gone as far as taking the maiden name of his mom for his last names.

Johnson’s son, Jason, is betrayed by one of his friends, who was busted and forced to be a snitch on his friends and acquaintances, even if those same people are innocent. Jason faces a minimum sentence of 10 years if his father cannot convince the U.S. Attorney to back off.

The movie was inspired by events that actually took place and addresses the mandatory minimum sentences the government is handing down for certain offenses. However, the movie has a shaky dialogue, shaky acting and a shaky plot.

The movie has a great deal of stunts but very little acting. Speeding cars and trucks collide frequently and automatic weapons are fired relentlessly throughout the movie.

Some of the actors’ portrayals of characters are very good. Jon Bernthal a former member of the Walking Dead cast gives an excellent portrayal of an ex-con hounded by his own demons while attempting to go straight.

Benjamin Bratt plays a cartel drug lord who is menacing to those that cross him. Susan Sarandon plays the difficult U.S. Attorney and her work looks uninspired in the film, while Johnson is a liability to the film.

The film ends much the way many do, lots of teary-eyed hugs and kisses but leaves the filmgoer wondering if something was left out of the script.

Details of Murder Plot against Justin Bieber Emerge Details of Murder Plot against Justin Bieber Emerge

February 20, 2013 - Life got a bit scarier on Monday, as news of a murder plot put together by a prison inmate and two of his fugitive friends emerged, against Justin Bieber the popular singer. The plot made headlines back in December, and not details of the plan have emerged following the release of phone calls and audio that was made in November of last year from a New Mexico prison.

Police have said that Dana Martin, an inmate at the New Mexico correctional facility, who is in for rape and murder of a young girl, was the brains behind the murder plot.

Police said Martin directed Mark Staake a friend from prison and Tanner Ruane Staake’s nephew to carry out Bieber’s kidnapping and murder. In a taped conversation between Martin and Ruane, the nephew said they purchased the hedge clippers and he wanted $5,000 for each one. Each one was referring to each testicle, as the plan was to castrate Bieber along with his bodyguards and then suffocate all of them by tying a scarf around their necks.

However, prior to the plot being carried out, Staake and his nephew were arrested in Canada for making a wrong turn. The two of them and Martin are now facing conspiracy to commit murder charges and conspiracy to commit battery.

No one representing Bieber or the pop singer himself was available to make a comment. However, back in December when authorities first found out about the plot, Bieber’s representatives said they do all that is necessary to ensure Justin’s safety and that of his fans.


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